Andrea Poli

Contract Professor, University of Trieste, Italy
PACS Implementation Expert
Lead Trainer on Standards & Interoperability

  • MS Electronical (with focus on Bioengineering)
  • MS Clinical Engineering,
  • MS Management of Clinical Engineering

Andrea is an experienced trainer and is a Professor at University of Trieste on “Standard and interoperability in health”. He has a background in Biomedical and Clinical Engineering and started his working experience within the BioEngineering and ICT Group of the University of Trieste in 2003. 
His main activity was to develop open solutions for image and data management. In 2006, he became the technical director for a Consortium Project that was aimed to offer a suite of open modules for the healthcare sector. In 2007, due to his experience in integration and his participation to two IHE European Connectathons, he started to teach at the University of Trieste in the course of “Medical Informatics” on the module “Standard and interoperability in health”. 
Andrea is very much exposed to the Middle East training market.  In association with ACS, he has done series of  successfully comprehensive trainings on a wide range of image management topics, i.e. PACS, RIS, DICOM, HL7, Radiology Workflow, IHE, etc., in Middle East.  He has also been invited speaker at many imaging and radiology conferences, i.e. Saudi Health exhibition in Riyadh 2015, Open Source Conference in Riyadh 2011, Iranian Radiology Conference in Teheran 2007.
He has run successfully many PACS implementation projects, including migration, integration and customization. He was the project manager of two of the most important projects in Italy for image sharing at Regional level: “image on the net” project of Regione Piemonte (Italy), in which more than 6 hospitals with different PACSes and RISes were interconnected to each other for sharing images and reports through an open infrastructure based on XDS and Enterprise level solutions. “Regional PACS project” of Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia (Italy), in which 10 hospitals and other clinics are integrated to each other sharing images and reports.