PACS, VNA and Enterprise Imaging: Real-world Integrations and Experiences Training Workshop

07th Nov to 08th Nov, 2019, Quality Inn Phoenix Airport - Phoenix, AZ, USA

Course Benefits

You will leave this course with an advanced understanding of: 

  • PACS/EMR/Viewers/VNA/Enterprise Worklist and the other components required to architect an enterprise imaging system
  • Understand the differences and uses of enterprise PACS and enterprise imaging systems
  • Preparations required to successfully transition to enterprise imaging and VNA
  • Design and architecture considerations when building a system to hold billions of images
  • When and how to use image routers or to put VNA before PACS
  • All components required to implement a fully functional deconstructed or PACS-less environment
  • Full comprehension of compression and where it should be applied in the environment
  • How AI and blockchain impact imaging
  • Monetization of image sets for AI training
  • Enterprise worklist layer implementation and considerations
  • How to manage and troubleshoot an advanced imaging program 
  • Composition and skills required of an imaging team 
  • Effective utilization of network and storage resources as systems scale 
  • PACS Operations and management with communications and training skills 
  • Participation in the Procurement and Project Management process and the jargon used
Course Outline

Who Should Attend?

  • CIOs
  • VNA/Enterprise Imaging Administrators
  • Imaging Directors
  • Senior PACS Administrators
  • Radiology Directors
  • Infrastructure Directors
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