Public Sector Strategy & Performance Excellence for Tomorrow Training Workshop Training Workshop

02nd Apr to 04th Apr, 2017, Hotel Park Rotana Abu Dhabi, UAE

Public Sector Strategy & Performance Excellence for Tomorrow

Course Name: “Public Sector Strategy & Performance Excellence for Tomorrow”
Trainer/Speaker: Mitchell Weisberg (from USA)
Venue: Park Rotana, Abu Dhabi, UAE.
Number of Participants: 04
Country wise participation: Oman (02), UAE (02)
Quality/Satisfaction Rating (at the scale of 1-10): 9
Achievement of the course objectives: Yes, all agreed.
Some of the testimonials: 
“I like the journey it gives a clear idea of where to start from and how to start it too!”
“I like most the discussion and exercises.” 


  • Strategic Planning, Execution, Performance and Change Management are critical elements to the success of any organization. Public and private organizations that follow these proven management practices consistently deliver well and outperform their competitors.
  • Focus specifically on government application of the balanced scorecard.
  • Learn from a global executive leader who has worked extensively with leading government and public sector organizations.
  • One benefit you will find nowhere else is that this course is led by a member of the original team that developed the Balanced Scorecard with Drs. Norton and Kaplan.
  • Develop winning strategies to engage and empower employees, determine and implement key performance indicators (KPIs), and embed the balanced scorecard to drive optimal strategic decision-making and operational management process excellence.
  • Evaluate within the context of strategic planning all the internal and external factors affecting an organization’s development and learn how to pragmatically execute strategy with an actionable plan that aligns with your organization to its vision.
  • Understand how to create a good vision, mission, values, targets, main initiatives, and corporate level performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Know how to achieve the true value of performance measurement and management by keeping decisions for resources and activities focused on the crucial, strategic targets at each level of the organization.
  • Learn to evaluate options and select the best change management techniques to lead organizational transformation while enabling consistent strategy execution.
  • Know how to effectively Integrate risk management into your strategy and to mitigate it to take stronger and better informed business decisions.
  • Successfully implement strategy development and execution techniques and change models to achieve the organizational goals.
  • Receive Balanced Scorecard Certification from the Lumen Institute.
Course Outline

Who Should Attend?

  • Government Ministers, Under Secretaries, Director Generals, Chief Executive Officers, Vice Presidents, Managing Directors, Chief Operating Officers, Senior Level Executives and General Managers from:
    • Future planning
    • Strategic planning & performance
    • Operations
    • Change management
    • Quality management
    • Organizational development
    • Strategic business development
    • Strategic business entities & units
    • Strategic policy & procedure
  • Funding agencies and NGOs (Non-government organizations) leaders, managers, evaluators, funding staff, grant writers, administrators, etc.
  • Non-profit mangers, department heads, staff, executives, etc.
  • Other government officials and ministers who have responsibility for strategic planning or long-term direction
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