DICOM & HL7 Training Workshop Training Workshop

22nd Mar to 26th Mar, 2015, Hotel Towers Rotana, Dubai, UAE.


ACS concluded yet another successful event on DICOM, HL7 & IHE. This was third in row with participation from leading healthcare organizations and hospitals of the region. The average grading of the course by the delegates, being highest ever achieved, stood at 9.5 out of 10. The participants enjoyed the course; it was a great learning experience to them in the imaging area. The exercises and group discussions gave them deep insight into the DICOM, HL7 and the IHE. 
They were pretty confident that the learning at course would help them manage the PACS/RIS installation and so well the discourse on IHE initiative towards the interoperability would be a great help to the issues they have long been facing in their facilities. It was agreed by all that the objectives of the course were fully achieved. They were also amazed to see the depth of knowledge trainers possessed. Some of them left note "This is exactly what they came in for". They asked us to arrange more such courses in future.


  • Understranding on DICOM and HL7 communication
  • Optimize fostering integration and interoperability
  • Solutions to the potential issues in the hospital network
  • Hands on practice on the standards and communication
Course Outline

Who should attend it?

  • IT experts/clinical staff with knowledge of medical standards
  • Biomedical Imaging Professionals
  • Biomedical Engineers
  • Radiology Department Managers
  • PACS/RIS Administrators
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