Medical Coding - ICD-10 Training Workshop Training Workshop

27th May to 28th May, 2015, Hotel Towers Rotana, Dubai, UAE.

Medical Coding - ICD-10

A compact yet comprehensive course on ICD-10 CM concluded successfully. It was a first ever course on ICD-10 by ACS in the Gulf region. The attendees were from UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Oman. Dr. Victor Freeman, a medical practitioner and an AHIMA approved trainer diligently covered almost all technicalities of CD-10 coding with extensive level of presentations, exercises and group discussions. The attendees liked an overview on coding, ICD-10 and transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10. Many organizations in the Middle East had the deadlines approaching very fast to get on to the ICD-10, so it was very much helpful to them. Looked like, ICD-10 needed more time and should involve the physicians too. So there should be more courses on ICD-10 CM. Some suggested to have courses on CPTs also. Testimonials on the course reflect a very good impression on the delivery of the course, few of them are herein mentioned: 
"Mr. Victor Freeman is one person worth meeting for a bright future, truly inspirational". 
"This training refreshed my knowledge and it was quite good for my future". 
"A compact yet comprehensive refresher for ICD-10 coding & implementation". 
"A very nice comprehensive presentation which was discussed in detail in a short period of time". 
"I have gained more knowledge about ICD-10 CM" 
"Professional from A to Z". 
At the end of training, attendees were asked as to what did they like the most about EMR/EHR training. The answers were: "Training Material". "Organized, provided very useful information, nice and good trainer and supervision, location is good". "PCS". "It's very informative, gives more knowledge on ICD-10 and its updates, "All". "Documentation & Discussion". "Cooperation. Trainer is aware of coding guidelines". "A nice refresher on ICD-10 Coding". "The way to present detail information in easy way"., etc. 
The rating of the course stood at close to 9 out of 10. And the objectives of the course were fully met.


  • Transition to ICD-10 from ICD-9
  • ICD-10's guidelines for diagnostic coding and reporting
  • Effects on clinical documentation
  • Effects on physician reimbursement
  • Impact on overall health quality and patient care
  • Comparison of ICD-9-CM to ICD-10-CM
  • Hands exercises and case studies
  • Common Coding Errors: Sequencing, etc.
Course Outline

Who Should Attend?

  • Medical Coders
  • Medical Billers
  • Physicians
  • Adjudication/coding/billing teams of Health Insurances
  • RIS/HIS/PACS related people
  • Healthcare IT companies/Vendors
  • Hospital Administrators
  • Individuals Opting It as Career
  • Companies Developing an EMR / EHR
  • Medical Professionals
  • Transcription & Billing Companies
  • Immigrants to USA (Specially Physicians)
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