PACS and Imaging Informatics Professional Training Training Workshop

16th Apr to 20th Apr, 2018, Paradise Hilton Grand Vacations, Las Vegas, NV, USA

PACS and Imaging Informatics

Course Name: “PACS and Imaging Informatics Professional Training "
Trainer(s) of the training: Andrea Poli (from Italy), Ronald W. Gilbert (from USA)
Venue: Paradise Hilton Grand Vacations, Las Vegas,NV USA.
Number of Participants: 05
State wise participation: Saudi Arabia (01), USA (04) 
Achievement of the course objectives: Yes, all agreed.
Some of the testimonials: 
“I like most the instructors and material.”
“The mock exam is a great resource.”


You will leave with an understanding of:

  • PACS/RIS/HIS systems, their role, architecture, installation, the integration and the workflow
  • Understanding radiology practices, clinical workflow, modalities, type of images and clinical needs, organization, etc.
  • The major standards in the e-health sector and how to use them: DICOM, both semantic and communication; HL7 standard, it’s semantic and use. How to simulate a DICOM and HL7 network; connect DICOM and HL7 node and exchange information; basic troubleshooting.
  • Interoperability, IHE profiles of IT domain related to radiology, as XDS and XDS-I
  • New trends in imaging technology: PACS/RIS as web application, html5 viewer, streaming and more; cloud PACS and its pros & cons; extending PACS to other medical specialties.
  • VNA, deconstructed PACS, VNS installation, how VNA can solve some of the issues in radiology department as well as in the entire hospital.
  • How to assure quality, safety and security in the radiology department, Grayscale Standard Display Function, digital certificates, http, tls, vpn and many more
  • What is needed to comply with the policies of Regulatory Agencies such as HIPAA, MQSA, and HITECH.
  • What is included in a Needs Assessment for Imaging Informatics and how it meets strategic goals; the elements of a feasibility study such as Cost-Benefit analysis and ROI; technical specifications for software, hardware, and service and how they impact selection criteria
  • The Project Management process, scope, risks and constraints, tools for monitoring progress such as collaboration, timelines , and a variety of charts and lists (PERT, GANTT chart, milestones, critical path, tasks, and schedules).
  • Review of CIIP testing guide, understanding the test structure with content weighting and testing rules. Experience a simulated CIIP Certification examination under simulated testing conditions.
  • Mock Examination simulation up to 3 hours allowed. Evaluation of simulated examination responses by examinee and reason for that response if incorrect. Discussing the rationale behind the appropriate answers during a group review and how to retain the knowledge.
Course Outline

Who Should Attend?

  • PACS/RIS Administrators
  • Radiologic Technologists (RTs)
  • IT Engineer (RIS/PACS)
  • IT Support Engineer
  • Clinical staff with knowledge of medical standards
  • NM Technologist
  • Biomedical Imaging Professionals
  • Biomedical Engineers
  • Radiology Informatics Specialist
  • Medical lnformatics Specialist
  • Radiology Administrators
  • Chief Radiology Tech
  • Radiologist, Radiographers, MRI coordinators
  • Clinical Automation Manager
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