Corporate Performance Management for Healthcare Executives Training Workshop Training Workshop

23rd Aug to 25th Aug, 2015, Hotel Towers Rotana, Dubai, UAE.

Corporate Performance Management for Healthcare Executives

First ever course on 'Corporate Performance Management for Healthcare Executives' by ACS concluded with great success. Rating stood at about 9.6 at the scale of 5-10. Senior management of the leading healthcare organizations from the region attended it. Undoubtedly, Mitch's (the trainer) hard work, extensive level knowledge, dedication, and his ability to take everybody along with equally amazing response level from the attendees made this happen. Extensive level of case studies and the interactive exercises went very well gaining the full attention and interest of attendees towards the course. Herein are few comments from participants: 
“It was a great workshop with highly skilled & knowledgeable trainer. Mitchell is a subject matter expert and I really enjoyed it”. 
“It’s a real added value training in strategy management”. 
“Very informative related to the topic of strategy, KPI’s and measurement, value, mission, vision”. 
"It was a good involved group with much interaction and team work, a balance between concepts & practical exercises”. 
We are encouraged to conduct more such courses on the subject in future and will expect to have still better response from the region in terms participation. 
We hope what they gained in this course will be a step in the direction to achieve their personal and organization goals. 
At the end of training, attendees were asked as to what did they like the most about 'Corporate Performance Management for Healthcare Executives' training. The answers were: "The commitment of the instructor Mitchell Weisberg", “The group activity to demonstrate understanding”, “Energy of Mitchell, solid process that can be used & adapted”, “The materials & the interaction, excellent workshop on strategic planning” etc.


Strategic Planning and Strategy Execution have become critical elements for the successful delivery of healthcare for all sectors of the industry – both public and private. Organizations using these methodologies have consistently delivered higher performance and have outperformed others in their industries. Corporate Performance Management (CPM) is a holistic approach that delivers these capabilities. CPM clarifies and integrates a company’s goals, key performance indicators, and metrics in order to improve an organization’s performance. Attendees to this course on CPM for Healthcare will receive the following benefits. You will:

  • Evaluate all the internal and external factors affecting company development (competition, trends, technology, regulations, demographic change, company location, distribution or corporate assets, company pricing policy, etc.) within the context of strategic planning
  • Be able to define vision, mission, targets, main initiatives, and corporate level performance indicators.
  • Keep performance management focused on the crucial targets composing a company’s strategy at each level of the organization
  • Learn how to define KPIs and balanced scorecards at corporate, business unit, and individual levels in line with strategic targets.
  • Be able to support strategic decision-making and operational management processes by defining actions that are in line with company strategy and determining key performance indicators (KPIs) and balanced scorecards
  • Be able to use data models to mitigate risks and ultimately make stronger, more informed business decisions
  • Learn how to select, design, and implement CPM and business intelligence solutions to support your performance management
Course Outline

Who Should Attend?

  • CEOs, CFOs, and COOs
  • VPs, GMs, Directors, Heads, Managers, Advisors of following departments:
    • Strategic Planning
    • Corporate Performance
    • Performance Measurement & Quality
    • Corporate Planning
    • Quality Management
    • Change Management
    • Strategic Business Planning
    • Strategic Business Development
    • Organizational Development
  • CEOs’ Office Managers
  • Hospital Administrator Medical Directors
  • All other professionals engaged in Performance Improvements, Innovations and BSC.
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