Robert D. Church

Managing Director White Collar, LLC
Pacesetter Through Optimal Thought, & Tactical Success in Financial Forensics, Healthcare Fraud and Abuse, Vendor Fraud Schemes, Intellectual Property Protection, Criminal & Governmental Investigations, In-Depth Analytics, Planning, Regulatory / Corporate Compliance.

Summary & Key Accomplishments

  • Experienced and credentialed in financial forensics, specialty in healthcare fraud and abuse across the healthcare spectrum
  • Proficient in governmental investigations, representing providers of services and product
  • Extensive experience in managing processes related to the detection, investigation and prosecution of those committing fraud or abuse
  • In-depth experience in working with governmental agencies to aid in mitigating fraudulent schemes and pursuing to conclusion
  • Professional in management/operations, finance, analysis and execution throughout the health insurance industry, with principal focus on Medicare and Medicaid-worked Leader in the fraud and abuse arena, having worked with 12 Medicaid agencies and CMS at both regional and central offices, managing several program integrity units
  • Have identified over $1.4B in fraud and abuse monies, working with federal and state agencies and attorneys
  • Strong planner and organizer to prevent fraud and abuse opportunities and employment of key products to aid in detection, while using predictive analytics to anticipate fraud and abuse
  • Experienced in matrixed organizations and working within a multidisciplinary team to accomplish objectives
  • Experienced criminal investigator having experience on both sides of the equation, while expert at assembling cases for law enforcement prosecution (over 20 years’ experience with law enforcement on civil and criminal matters)
  • Have testified in federal and state courts as well as having been deposed approximately 30 times; skilled in trial strategy, exhibit presentation, explanation to jurists and juries
  • Gifted at discovering and aiding in the recovery of monies lost, strategic negotiator and skilled presenter for both education and reporting of work performed.  
  • Adept in data analytics and predictive analytics to investigate issues and determine potential for future concerns
  • Leader in education of fraud and abuse issues, techniques and indicators
  • Proficient in development of risk analyses and risk assessment programs to evaluate successes, areas of concern and strengths