3rd EMR/EHR - Implementation & Meaningful Use

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Day 1 - Wednesday 24 August, 2016
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Opening Session
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Session One

EMR/EHR What is it?
Difference between EMR & EHR
History & Background
HIS- Hospital Information System
LIS - Laboratory Information system
PM - (PMS) Practice Management System
PHR - Personal Health Record
HIE - Health Information Exchange
Why EMR? - Folds financial and clinical “sides” together.

Tea Break & Networking
Session Two

Impact of EMR on Healthcare Industry 
Triple Aim:

  • Better care for individuals
  • Better health for the population
  • Lower cost through improvement

Shift in EHR Adoption
Changing trends in EMR and its future
Big Data

Lunch Break & Networking
Session Three

Health IT - Government’s responsibility 
Sinister / parasitic

  • Control over 1/7th of the economy
  • Easier to convict fraud/abuse
  • Governmental agencies get the ability to access your info

Should government be involved?

  • Positive
  • Negative

EHRs and healthcare interoperability: The challenges, complexities, opportunities and reality

  • Interoperability -Exchange of information/data across platforms/applications/devices
    • Lab - As true data not “pictures of the reports”
    • Imaging
    • Referrals (incoming and outgoing)
    • ePrecription
    • Health Ministry (local,regional, national), i.e. diseases outbreaks (eg: ebola case)
    • Devices (EKG, spirometer, glucometer, Holter, etc.)
    • Chart Notes, Other Health Data
  • EHR Safety Alerts
  • FDA’s Role
Tea Break & Networking
Session Four

Personalized Medicine - Precision Medicine 
Implications for clinical decision support system
Enabling patient access transformation in the new health economy
Enhancing the patient’s digital journey

  • Wired Hospital

Information Mobility and Communication

  • Mobility-Doctor Patient Relationship and Patient Care & Delivery

Accountable care and meaningful use

  • Should the middle east adopt it?
  • How does the US meaningful use and ACO impact the middle east?

What is personalized medicine and Precision Medicine?

  • FHIR and SmartApps
  • Patient Portals
  • Patient Experience
  • Sensors
  • Implantables
  • Telemedicine
    Healthcare Analytics
    Genomic Medicine, Proteonmics, Human Biome


Day 2 - Thursday 25 August, 2016
Session One

Retun on Investment (ROI)/What costs vs benefits?
EHR Costs

  • Obvious Costs
  • Forgotten EHR Software Costs
  • Forgotten EHR Hardware Costs

EHR Benefits

  • Simple EHR Benefit Calculations
  • Harder EHR Benefit Calculations
Tea Break & Networking
Session Two

EHR features to look for - EHR Benefits Deep Dive
Guaranteed EHR Benefits
Possible EHR Benefits
Debatable EHR Benefits
EHR Time Savings
Other EHR Benefits?
EHR Selection Suggestions
Vendor flexibility/capability

  • Interfaces to outside systems (dictation, accounting,document management...)
  • FHIR Interoperability (API)
  • Makes Use of public domain data

Forward thinking

  • Solves tomorrow’s problems before they become today’s crisis

What about all the paper?
How should you approach EHR Switching?

  • What can you do now in case you have to switch EHR later?
    • Regulation Requirements
      What about free EMRs?
      Interoperability and Standards
      • Interoperability vs Integration (PACS, HL7, FHIR, DIRECT, APIs, etc)
      EHR Contracting
Lunch Break & Networking
Session Three

Debate - To develop or find the Ideal EMR System
In House, Open Source, and Off the Shelf EHR Debate
Localization of EHR system
How to create venue specific workflows to simplify EMR use
Fully functioning multilingual; EHR system
User friendly systems
Customisation and intuitive embarked technology in EMR system design

Tea Break & Networking
Session Four

EMR/EHR and Healthcare IT Security and Business Continuity 
Building a Culture of Security

  • More than HIPAA

External Breaches

  • Ransomware

Internal Breaches 
Business Continuity 
Disaster Recovery

EMR Integration 
How it’s purchased and installed… 
EHR implementation approaches

  • Big bang EHR implementation
  • Phased EHR implementation

EHR training

  • Training - Don’t skimp

EHR ergonomics

  • Scribes - Remote

Ongoing EHR improvement plan 
What will the EMR look like in the future

  • Device
  • Voice to text/commands - how far behind is thought to text? Video?

Group Discussion - Trends & development in e-Health (Middle East)

  • Existing systems deficiencies
  • Systems compatibility with future development
  • Preparing staff and management for shift of technology
  • Status of EMR/EHR implementation in the region
  • Investigate the existing disparities
  • Latest Development in public & private sector
  • Innovation
  • Future trends & objectives

Certificate distribution

Course Program
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08:00 to 08:30Registration & Introduction
Day 1-2
08:30 to 10:00Session One
10:00 to 10:15Tea Break & Networking
10:15 to 11:45Session Two
11:45 to 12:45Lunch Break & Networking
12:45 to 14:15Session Three
14:15 to 14:30Tea Break & Networking
14:30 to 16:00Session Four