• "Most of the Content"

    Mr Aiman Al Ali Trainee
  • "Combination of analysis & healthcare audit investigation was amazing. The Knowledge & expertise of The Speakers was very good."

    Dr Shahiya Bijin, Trainee
  • "The relevance of content to current role"

    Ms Shalvi Mithal Trainee
  • "The presenters and subject"

    Dr Khalid Almaymuni Trainee
  • "Content"

    Mr Mithun Kollamkulangara Trainee
  • "The presenter, Bernard, was awesome!"

    Finbar McGrath Trainee
  • "Clear concise explanation of each topic."

    Aaron Johnson Trainee
  • "I enjoyed the class. Thank you!"

    Steven Lutz Trainee
  • "The scope of its content and Mr. Ron's passion in what he wants to share and his teaching skills as it's not easy to keep attendees' attention when online, well done."

    Sylvie Feuerle Trainee
  • "I would recommend this training to anyone who is in a PACS team."

    Sylvie Feuerle Trainee
  • "Awesome class. Now time to put in the work."

    Mr Sarah Barnes Trainee
  • "I enjoyed how in-depth it went as well as providing a broader understanding of the PACS administrator in the healthcare facility."

    Mr John-Thomas Stokes Trainee
  • "As a visual learner, these slides are very helpful!"

    Mr John-Thomas Stokes Trainee
  • "I've enjoyed today's lessons. More meat and potatoes type content."

    Mr John-Thomas Stokes Trainee
  • "I've enjoyed today's lessons. More meat and potatoes type content and how PACS administrators support other entities in healthcare."

    Mr John-Thomas Stokes Trainee
  • "A lot of knowledge was covered but it was covered thoroughly."

    Mr John-Thomas Stokes Trainee
  • "Today's topics are much more relatable as an RT working in Interventional Radiology."

    Mr John-Thomas Stokes Trainee
  • "I genuinely enjoyed this course. While I didn't do too hot on the IT side of the mock exam, it illuminated the areas I need to work on. Having an imaging technologist background, of course I'll need to polish my IT knowledge."

    Mr John-Thomas Stokes Trainee
  • "The instructor way of teaching from his long experience."

    Somaiya Alshehri Trainee
  • "Overall this was a great asset and has certainly helped me in taking the next steps of pursuing a career in PACS."

    JJ Caywood Trainee
  • "Ron is a very knowledgeable person in the field. I really liked how he delivered the content. I look forward to learning more from him in the future."

    Angela Larson Trainee
  • "I love the flow. As a RTR I know the pacs systems but now the behind the scene."

    Wan Grant Trainee
  • "I liked the material covered explaining all that a PACS Administrator can be tasked to do."

    Mr John-Thomas Stokes Trainee
  • "presenter kept my attention, made topic interesting"

    Franceen Camilleri Trainee
  • "The instructor was very informative."

    Rita Shaw Williams Trainee
  • "Class was great. Alex is a great instructor and conveys the information very well."

    Peter Kontos Trainee
  • "I really enjoyed the session. Alex is very engaging and helpful and does a great job tieing all of the processes and parts together."

    Peter Kontos Trainee
  • "Great class. Thank you"

    Peter Kontos Trainee
  • "Great insight on all aspects I learned about IT Audit and Board slides information."

    Gina Bruno Trainee
  • "Kyle is a charismatic teacher and is able to explain complex topics and ideas in an approachable and concise way. He made every moment of this training interesting and engaging."

    Ms Jackie Roberts Trainee
  • "Ron was great, interesting to listen to and answered all the questions"

    Jessica White Trainee
  • "The course covered the topics right from the basics, without assuming any specific knowledge, and without repeating names as definitions, for example saying, "cloud storage is storage in the cloud."

    Ms Tricia Staples Trainee
  • "Presenter was very responsive and answered all questions from audience. 2. It was clear that presenter has very strong knowledge and experienced in area he presented. 3. Speed of presentation was good, he always confirmed if all clear."

    Mr Alina Bukato Trainee
  • "Trainer elaborated content to our understanding"

    Fuseini Alhassan Trainee
  • "The trainer's connection with the group kept everyone well engaged."

    William Ratliff Trainee
  • "Training covered all aspect from procurement and installation to support and troubleshooting."

    Ms Ingrid Mavuso Trainee
  • "It was a very useful training about the fraud schemes in healthcare. The data analysis was really helpful"

    Shady Ashraf Sidhom Lawand Trainee
  • "Great information, slightly above my normal "investigative" mindset; however, very helpful in understanding the process"

    Ted Rector Trainee
  • "The lecturer engaging the participants in the training was a very good outcome"

    Ms Azra Mansoor Trainee
  • "The trainer shared a lot about issues different countries / USA are facing"

    Mr Mariyam Fayaza Trainee
  • "The presenter was very organized and knowledgeable person"

    Dr Santhini Ramachandran Trainee
  • "The presenter held our attention until the very end Role play and case studies were very helpful Thank you Allana and ACS"

    Shahiya Bijin Trainee
  • "It was quite entry level in my opinion, but it was also nice. Thanks"

    Eduardo D√°vila Grau Trainee
  • "Overall interesting course. Course presented in an easy to understand manner. Thank you."

    Paul Langley Trainee
  • "A great amount of information for anyone that is looking to know more about PACS admin and how to get into the career."

    James Pinet Trainee
  • "Great information! looking forward to more seminars like this!"

    Alyssa Mora Trainee
  • "It was very engaging and well spoken"

    samantha Grossman Trainee
  • "I found the structure and flow to be very congenial to my learning."

    Luis Villasenor Trainee
  • "The enthusiasm and passion of the instructor, as well as his clarity and ability to translate complex concepts into simple analogies / metaphors.   "

    Luis Villasenor Trainee

    Dale Avery Trainee

    Dale Avery Trainee
  • "Our instructor was professional  "

    Yasir Arshad Mahmood Trainee
  • "Instructor is very experienced and shares real world scenarios with you."

    Shawna Nibert Trainee
  • "I took a 3 credit college course on Imaging Informatics and I learned just as much from this Review as I learned in that course. Ron is an excellent instructor. He makes the boring stuff sound interesting."

    Shawna Nibert Trainee
  • "Ron's personality and different ways to describe the topics with comparisons that make it easy to understand and visualize."

    MARSHA JONES Trainee
  • "Very enjoyable class! I have been intimidated to take the CIIP and this was a great class to offer. Thank you!"

    MARSHA JONES Trainee
  • "I liked how he responded to all of our questions and went in-depth without making us feel like we weren't listening. He understands that we are all from different backgrounds and did a great job of breaking down the information in a way that was understandable.  "

    Amanda Bruckner Trainee
  • "The instructor is well prepared and experienced in teaching this course. He is NOT boring."

    Mr Maria Barajas Trainee
  • "Thank you for this training. One of the objectives in taking this training was to obtain additional CPE credits and for the cost it was very effective and it had good information"

    Robert Manzaro Trainee
  • "I liked how knowledgeable the presenter was, how concise the training materials were, and how expansive the scope of the training was."

    Mr Brian Humphrey Trainee
  • "Concise and easy to follow"

    Glyn Short Trainee
  • "Good introduction and over view of the PACS environment."

    Glyn Short Trainee
  • "Clear and concise"

    Aaron Johnson Trainee
  • "looking to take the CIIP test soon. This has helped move toward that goal"

    Aaron Johnson Trainee
  • "The amount of information provided and the training exceeded expectations."

    Sarah Busby Trainee
  • "I enjoyed this course. Thank you again for all the information."

    Sarah Busby Trainee
  • "The content and topics covered were very interesting and relevant to my profession and was very helpful in fixating some essential concepts. However, the delivery style of the presenter was not up to expectations."

    Mohamad Badreddine Trainee
  • "Good job bernard"

    Ayoola Sabitu Trainee
  • "Thank you very much for the awesome course, especially when I'm new to PACS. The training really helps and very informative"

    Mr Gavin Mienies Trainee
  • "Alex is great, would love to have a conversation with him sometime about his experience in the field"

    Mr Aaren Alseri Trainee
  • "The case examples helped to apply the framework and foundation of cybersecurity risk to real world examples."

    Taylor Hall Trainee
  • "Bernard was great and easy to understand. Keep up the great work!"

    Mr Jose Luis Albarran Trainee
  • "The training far exceeded my expectations. It addressed every item on the agenda and included some takeaway tools that I can use immediately."

    Geoffrey Gordon Trainee
  • "There was a lot of information, but it was easy to follow because Ron really knows and understands the material; he kept it interesting, easily keeping my attention!."

    Jack Wiggins Trainee
  • "Great presentation with stories about real world experience"

    Vinay Gheyi Trainee
  • "I LOVED the interactive portion of the webinar"

    Mr Jacquelyn Holden Trainee
  • "Very relevant to today. The presenter's experience was very evident. He has been around the block a few times"

    Ms Brenda McFadden Trainee
  • "Thank you for the course. It was very thorough and gave me a taste of what is to come. I will for sure use this in my workspace and it will have many benefits."

    Jean-Raymond Rabe Trainee
  • "Well organized and knowledgeable instructor"

    Steven O'dell Trainee
  • "Great class, very informative, and ideal for all levels of Imaging informatics professionals"

    Janene Layne Trainee
  • "The presenter was very knowledgeable and able to present on a level everyone understood"

    Tom McLaughlin Trainee
  • "Every aspect was explained thoroughly. I have a better understanding of DICOM and HL7"

    Dennis Witron Trainee
  • "The entire training was interesting"

    Dennis Witron Trainee
  • "Mr. Wanyama was a great instructor and I enjoyed the course a great deal. I learned things I had not anticipated. It was very informative and interesting!"

    Lorraine Converse Trainee
  • "The information was relevant to my industry"

    David Bonenfant Trainee
  • "The course was practical and relatable. I was able to identify gabs in my organisation, and placed me in a better position to address them effectively. Receiving the slides before the course allowed me to familiarise myself with certain concepts before hand. Discussions on these concepts were not totally new information."

    Moemedi Madisa Trainee
  • "The course was insightful. I could relate with a lot of the content. With this course, I am now in a better place to better communicate with the management team, as well as the board. The content was delivered in a relatable Manner."

    Moemedi Madisa Trainee
  • "the slide presentation is clear and knowledge of trainer is great."

    Leangkruy Chhun Trainee
  • "The training incredibly useful and informative. The content delivered was very comprehensive and interesting. Looking forward for more opportunities to participate in related training areas."

    Ms Khadheeja Mohamed Trainee
  • "It was extremely informative, the instructor was excellent. I learned so much!!!  I loved the training material and the instruction that was provide was great, however it would be great if we could log onto the programs directly from the website."

    Mr Yasmin Hickman Trainee
  • "Explained well. Experience and personal stories of presenter related to the material"

    Mr Justin Rainey Trainee
  • "RON is very personal. Keeps the material interesting. Not dry at all."

    Mr Tram Pham Trainee
  • "It was extremely informative, the instructor was excellent. I learned so much!!!  I loved the training material and the instruction that was provide was great, however it would be great if we could log onto the programs directly from the website."

    Mr Yasmin Hickman Trainee
  • "Thank you for a great course. A very well-planned and well-thought-out day. There's a lot to get done in a short amount of time. The training provided by Ron was outstanding, very informative, and enjoyable. Great presentation style with lots of opportunities to ask questions and talk about real life examples which all made for a really enjoyable and informative course. Over three days, the pace and material were excellent!!"

    Ms Andi Oceanty Trainee
  • "It is nice to have the opportunity to take on-line classes. I appreciate the review and updates for last 10 years!"

    Ms Brenda McFadden Trainee
  • "The trainer tried to keep all participants engaged."

  • "It served the purpose - Very informative - Covered everything in the course description"

    Mr Zaki Mangalji Trainee
  • "Great class. It was comprehensive"

    Mr Paul Macharia Trainee
  • "Good materials. The presenter knew the stuff. Met my expectation."

    Prince CHILOWA Trainee
  • "The presentation was good and well articulated. On overall, the training was good and we look forward for future trainings."

  • "Great class. It was comprehensive"

    Joseph Egyer Quarshie Trainee
  • "great training will help in future projects and assignment"

    Mr Mohammed Umair Durrani Trainee
  • "The training was well organized. It was flown very smoothly. Thank you and keep up the good work."

    Mr Shehan Chamara Trainee
  • "as a new PACS admin, with a medical imaging background. It was very important to me to review all PACS basics and specially understand HL7 messages in a very clear way. this course really explained it amazingly. the slide of HL7 message flow was very helpful. Thanks ACS & Ron for this amazing course! Special thanks to Ali for coordinating this course and help answer all questions!"

    Maram Almoheemed Trainee
  • "I could understand many IT terms and their meaning which I usually use without actually knowing the real meaning" "Thanks a lot. The program benefitted me immensely."

    Mr Chandra Raj Samuel Trainee
  • "Ron was very professional and informative"

    Mr Pete Viedas Trainee
  • "This was a great training - just like the previous course I took with ACS. Ron's real world examples and tons of experience put everything into perspective for the attendees. This allows for deeper understanding of the content"

    Mr Linda Santarcangelo Trainee
  • "I highly recommend this, thank you Ron and Ali!"

    Mr Aaren Alseri Trainee
  • "Organized, efficient and informative"

    Linda Santarcangelo Trainee
  • "The instructor was very knowledgeable. Great instructor very experienced."

    Ms Monica Mojica Trainee
  • "This seemed to cover a lot of what was on the CPAS exam from my recollection of the exam 5 years ago so if CIIP is the same I should be adequately prepared. Thank you for your upbeat energy throughout the training."

    Sean Dennis Trainee
  • "Ron is a great instructor and his real life experiences provides me hope to being a great PACS Admin. Thank you for this great training. I feel confident going into the CIIP Test."

    Edgardo Reyes Trainee
  • "Overall a great experience. Ron did a great job the three nights flew by even after full workdays. This course exceeded my expectations and I feel this review was the perfect tool to help me prepare for the CIIP. I can now focus on specific topics that require more attention. All the information provided will be very helpful. Thank you."

    Anthony DiFabio Trainee
  • "Ron was very relatable and explained everything on a level that PACS Admins who are not RT's can understand. I highly recommend this training and hope to take more of them."

    Mr Julia Perez Trainee
  • "Ron's energy and comfort with the material made the training!"

    Mark Feeley Trainee
  • "Ron was a great presenter and very knowledgeable."

    Ms Melissa King Trainee
  • "I loved it and got me so motivated...That's there more to the field which I'd love to learn as I'm new   to the profession "

    Mr Gavin Mienies Trainee
  • "very informative and worth learning lecture"

    Mr Umer Raees Trainee
  • "Presenters are fantastic. Well rounded amount of information. I am already a stronger Informatics Professional. Thank you!!"

    Mr Stephanie WESTERN Trainee
  • "Very Interesting and Informative Training"

    Mr Umer Raees Trainee
  • "The instructor, Alex and the content. His style of teaching is fantastic. "

    Kathy Veldboom Trainee
  • "The presenters are so knowledgeable. The courses are available after my work schedule.  Thank you so much. I am already a stronger Informatics Professional!"

    Mr Stephanie WESTERN Trainee
  • "Overall my team was very positive and, so we've obviously learned a lot and we'll implement in our workspace. thank you Bernard! ,"

    Ms Josephine Mugenyi Trainee
  • "Not only from a learning perspective, but also with group engagement, understanding of their world and workflows, it was a good experience. It's a difficult challenge to involve the audience with slideshows, but Kyle did really well. Hats off to thee!! Enjoyed all sessions; typically SQL, Viewers and FHIR"

    Sana Qamar Trainee
  • "This is a great course to introduce the broad spectrum of topics for someone entering the imaging/PACS/VNA realm. The encouraged interaction/communication between members of the class. The shared experiences from the range of roles was really interesting."

    Michael Stanley Trainee
  • "The presenter was really personable, extremely knowledgeable, and made the information fun and interesting to be a part of.."

    Matthew Farmer Trainee
  • "I liked when real life examples were brought into the conversation. The material is very well executed and received."

    Ms Debra Kapczynski Trainee
  • "Extremely Informative and a great refresher"

    Mr Christie Moreshead Trainee
  • "Very knowledgeable instructor. Extremely pleased with the content."

    Carolina Ayala Trainee
  • "Great class. People had advised me to take the exam without this class, but I would highly recommend to anyone taking the CIIP exam."

    Marla McAdams Trainee
  • "Lots of great information"

    Michael Stanley Trainee
  • "I like the idea of the review session later so that I have time to process info"

    Mr LouAnn Goodwin Trainee
  • "Zoom was a great way to take the course. I thought the course was very informative and I now have a broader knowledge of PACS integration."

    Ms Jessica Viccari Trainee
  • "I appreciate the opportunity to participate, the course was very informative and it will help me improve my MR Computer Applications course."

    Amy Lee Trainee
  • "I have attended a post- graduate program in data science but didn't know how to apply it in my current job role. In this training, it gave me a lot of insights in applying my basic knowledge in data science, learn more about advanced methodologies in fraud detection and create advanced analytics dashboard visualizations. Thanks Aleks for sharing your expertise with us."

  • "Sharing concrete case studies (what kind of analysis methods and underlying data have been used for what kind of FWA detection, and with what success) and examples of PowerBI (or similar) dashboards was the best part and met my expectations."

    Mr Mark Gimbutas Trainee
  • "Training was educational, enlightening, and practical"

    David Asare-Addo Trainee
  • "Very useful course especially to IT auditors"

    Mr Chipango Nyala Trainee
  • "It is perfect training and outstanding presenter"

    Mr Tadesse Feyera Bulti Trainee
  • "The facilitator is good and top of the game in all the areas and bringing this expertise and experience and the                   training was so participative"

    Ms Sylvia Chilwana Trainee
  • "Precise and to the point"

    Ms Jumana Al Yousifi Trainee
  • "Appreciate the content and the experience that Kyle brought to the sessions."

    John Duignan Trainee
  • "Very informative, overall great course-Thanks"

    Amanda Pluck Trainee
  • "Ron is a great presenter and material is relevant"

    Mr Johnny McLaughlin Trainee
  • "Lots of info in one day"

    Mr Josh Hamme Trainee
  • "Ron provided a fantastic overview of all aspects related to our profession and how they are applicable. Fantastic job!"

    Michele Warren Trainee
  • "A lot of great information"

    Mr Anthony Ponte Trainee
  • "Really good training"

    Mr Marlon Munoz Trainee
  • "Instructor’s professional experiences I like the most"

    Mr Hong Ear Trainee
  • "I liked the Interview training session in the workshop."

    Ms Huda Al Ameri Trainee
  • "The trainer “Alanna” was helpful and a very good speaker."

    Ms Noura Al Marar Trainee
  • "I liked the skills of Ms. Alanna Lavelle."

    Ms Mouza Al Mazrouei Trainee
  • "The content of the training was very interesting. It was a perfect training."

    Ms Amna Al Blooshi Trainee
  • "I liked everything about the training."

    Mr Ahmed Al Romaithi Trainee
  • "I liked the organization and material of the training. Thank you."

    Ms Amal Al-Amer Trainee
  • "I liked how the training went in a smooth manner."

    Ms Mona Al Maqadmeh Trainee
  • "I liked the role modeling part and interactive sessions. Thanks for the training."

    Ms Asmaa Hassan Trainee
  • "The course and content of the training was very good."

    Mr Wail Al Kalbani Trainee
  • "I liked the case studies that were discussed and the experience that was shared. The entire course content was good and I am looking forward to attend more training in the related field with ACS."

    Mr Mariyam Fayaza Trainee
  • "I liked the information and experiences that were shared. I am looking forward to attend more training related to my work with ACS."

    Dawood Sathuna Trainee
  • "I learned a lot of information about VNAs, which I may take back to my current job as research for VNA in the future"

    David Coplen Trainee
  • "this gave me a whole lot of information on the enterprise level stuff that I did not know because currently we are not in enterprise level do not know if we will ever be in enterprise level, but it is a possibility especially when the other technologies starts"

    Mr Eric Aune Trainee
  • "It was very good, received good understanding point of VNA vs. E-PACS."

    Mr Yasser AlMaliki Trainee
  • "I liked the hands on experience of FHIR."

    Dr Tamara Sunbul Trainee
  • "The training was specific enough to the topic."

    Mr Konstantinos Chantziantoniou Trainee
  • "It was good presentation and training."

  • "I liked the open discussions. Thank you ACS!"

    Fai Algarni Trainee
  • "I liked the trainer and everything about the training."

  • "Everything about the training was very nice."

    Mr Mohamed Morsy Afifi Trainee
  • "It was very interactive. I liked the discussion and case studies. Overall everything was good."

    Deependra Paswan Trainee
  • "Overall the course/workshop delivered by Dr. Elena was helpful in giving a renewal look at our current practices and fix the gaps. It was nicely explained and well moderated. The reference websites were very useful."

    Venkata R Murthy DEVARAKONDA Trainee
  • "Thanks Dr. Elena for sharing the knowledge and experience, it was interesting to have such training. (No)"

  • "I liked the templates"

    Mr Mohamed Shaheen Trainee
  • "Course was good. Content coverage was good. Presenter was knowledgeable and answered our queries. Liked how the presenter covered local Qatri laws along with international standards and practices."

    Mr John Saldanha Trainee
  • "The training was overall great. I liked the framework discussion and cloud."

    Abubakar Ali Trainee
  • "I liked the high level strategy and experience."

    Dr Nahla Afifi Trainee
  • "I like the subject matter, and also the sharing of experience with multi regional/market practice."

    Mr Mohammad Khan Trainee
  • "I like the new ideas from other operations/organizations and also trainer has strong experience in this field."

    Mr Ahmed Al Tantawy Trainee
  • "Thanks Mr. Robert and ACS, I like the topics and group discussions."

    Mr Ahmed Gamal Mohammed Osman Trainee
  • "I like the group discussion sharing experiences and ideas. Overall, I would say that the course was beneficial; however the local market is different. But it was very useful to understand different market strategy."

    Husham Alibs Trainee
  • "Meeting with different experience in insurance field and sharing of info. Thank you!"

    Dr Mina Edward Samuel Rizkallah Trainee
  • "The course was shorthanded on some technical aspect of fraud analysis that need to be expanded upon, however the presenter was very supportive & helpful regarding any inquiries and the total experience was beneficial."

    Mr Ayman Fathy Mohamed Shams Trainee
  • "Thank you for the training."

  • "Trainer has good knowledge."

    Mr Hossam Elsharabasy Trainee
  • "Fully professional and interactive sessions, hotel itself is very nice."

    Fahad Ilyas Trainee
  • "I like most the amount of knowledge this training encompasses."

    Ms Josephine Abi-Saad Trainee
  • "Overall course was excellent, hosting company (ACS) and their people were excellent. It was very professionally organized and the course was full of various information related to healthcare security."

    Mr Maher Jallad Trainee
  • "Trainer, coordinator and materials I like the most."

    Ownallah AlSulami Trainee
  • "ISMS road map I like the most and thank you for everything."

    Mr Abdulrahman K. AlMazroa Trainee
  • "My recommendation is course should be of five days rather than three or four."

    Noura Salem Al Harbi Trainee
  • "The training covered most of my expectation, training was useful."

  • "Training has great value for medical audit and anti-fraud department staff as its outlines the common scenarios methodology and solutions available in the industry."

    Mr Mohamed Saheed Thabit Ghazaly Trainee
  • "Thanks a lot for organizing such fruitful training program. Appreciate."

    Bashir Ahmad Mehraban Trainee
  • "I like most the group interaction from different backgrounds."

    Ahmed Shams El Dein Trainee
  • "Thank you ACS. Instructor was good."

    Mr Mahmoud A. M. Serhan Trainee
  • "Thank you. It was a very informative training and will enhance my skills."

    Mr Fayaz Muhammad Salim Muhammad Trainee
  • "Thank you. The discussion was energetic due to the amount of group (Participants)."

    Mr Nassreldin Idriss Trainee
  • "I like most the organization & presentation."

    Mr Omar AlHindas Trainee
  • "Well organized and well attended."

  • "I like most the gathering of multiple cultures and back grounds."

    Mr Tanios Karim Trainee
  • "The interactive element and how the presenter catered the course to the participants."

    Ms Anusha Kirupananthan Trainee
  • "I like most the clear language of the instructor. Got useful info and personal advises when needed."

    Mr Amir Al Sinan Trainee
  • "Both instructors were very helpful at explaining concept in PACS workflow."

    Blake Suhr Trainee
  • "The level of technicality and break down of the interfaces and different technologies."

    Daniel Ellery Trainee
  • "I like most the 2nd half of the training- Clear and practical."

    Raregous Harris Trainee
  • "Both instructors were very knowledgeable."

  • "I like most the instructors and material."

    Lynne Janis Trainee
  • "I like most the presenter and subject material."

    HESHAM ALSUM Trainee
  • "The training was broken down very well when considering the ABII and CIIP certification."

    Ms Katrina Allison Trainee
  • "Andrea Poli is an excellent presenter and is very receptive to question. The mock exam is a great resource."

    Ms Nichole Williams Trainee
  • "Good coverage of key consideration for ensuring high availability, data security, scalability and system performance based on operational needs. Good practical exercises to optimise the system architecture."

    Mr Mark Costello Trainee
  • "DICOM and HL7 exercises are very interesting, especially in our operational routine."

    Ms Sana Qamar Trainee
  • "This training was more than expectations. Thank you ACS for conducting such a nice training."

    Mr Manzar Hydari Trainee
  • "Course content I like the most."

    Ms Brigitha Kurian Trainee
  • "I like most IG Toolkit, ISO 27001 and COBIT."

    Mr Benson John Trainee
  • "I like most the organization and the content management."

    Mr Fadel Mallah Trainee
  • "Thank you for evrything."

    Ms Sahar Almahmoud Trainee
  • "The topics were intresting. Thank you! Appreciate the efforts."

    Mr Johnny Francis Trainee
  • "Materials I like the most and thank you for everything."

    Mr Hani Said Trainee
  • "A very interesting workshop, outlining the details and audit finding, approach and tabulation."

    Dr Zulfikar Pasha Trainee
  • "Well organized. The instructor is professional."

    Mr Ahmad El-Masri Trainee
  • "One of the best training I have attended. There have been a lot of take aways from the training. The best were behaviour model, processing mapping control system identification and data analytics."

    Dr Kamlesh Urkade Trainee
  • "I like most the healthy discussion and participation."

    Ms Munira Stationers Trainee
  • "I have enjoyed that course."

    Dr Helmy Mohamed Eltanahy Trainee
  • "Very knowledgeable presenter with relevant practical experience."

    Mr Ali Shaukat Trainee
  • "I like most the knowledge and experience of the trainer."

    Shahzad Alam Trainee
  • "I got new ideas to apply most of them from the discussion but still count."

    Dr Abdulrahman Elgazzar Trainee
  • "I like most the real life exapmples."

    Ms Boushra Alaraishat Trainee
  • "Fraud training was informative and productive. Learnt some new concept which would certainly be implemented in our organization to be more efficient when it comes to handing or detecting fraud."

    Dr Zeeshan Solangi Trainee
  • "Rebecca presentation really showed that she is a Guru in her field, however I wish there was a more analysis about the GCC market where a lot of the material where not applicable to us."

    Mr Wassef Osmani Trainee
  • "Great overall, good opportunity to share knowledge since there is more than specialities and different countries. I like most the time line commitment and the trainer awareness of details."

    Mr Ahmed AlShengiti Trainee
  • "I understand the relation between RIS, PACS and HIS and how to build and organize the system."

    Ms Sarah Alsumairi Trainee
  • "Now I understand what is going on in radiology workflow, before it was a black box, it is very helpful for us as know the workflow of business."

    Ms Abrar Akhmimi Trainee
  • "I like most the group and place, it was good but if we can practice more than just listen."

    Ms Nouf AlJoufi Trainee
  • "Everything was perfect."

    Ms Aysha Albedwawi Trainee
  • "Well organized, planned and informative, knowledge enriching experience. I like most the practical exapmples and excesises."

    Ms Sana' Dawood Dalvi Trainee
  • "I like most the trainer knowledge."

    Ms Ghadah Alnasser Trainee
  • "Training was very good. I like most the excersisces."

    Mr Ibrahim alEdan Trainee
  • "I like most the technical practice."

    Mr Abdulaziz Al Barak Trainee
  • "I like most the team work."

    zahar hani Trainee
  • "I like most the training and hospitality. Excellent."

  • "I like most the lecture and food. Nice job."

    Dr Brook Tsehay Trainee
  • "I like most the ability of answering the queries from the trainer."

    Ms Shaikha AlShaqsi Trainee
  • "Was as expected good and useful training, I like most the materials."

    Mr AlSayyid Albusaid Trainee
  • "The training was very informative and I have borrowed so much from it in order to improve the way we carry our audits."

    Mr James Njogu Trainee
  • "I like most the wide knowledge of trainer. It’s very much valuable to young buddies."

    Mr Raghuraman K Trainee
  • "I like most the insightful & depth of this training, it was good, clear and timely."

    Mr Workeneh Tolla Trainee
  • "Really worth attending this training all there who are into Risk/IA role."

    Mr Singaram Annamalai Trainee
  • "Overall course is excellent. I like most the real examples. Thank you for this course."

    Ms Zakiya Al Ghammari Trainee
  • "A must do course for all communication professionals."

    Mr Murtadh Jawad Trainee
  • "I highly liked it. It is the most important course I have ever attended. I also like the trainer knowledge and presentation."

    Ms Maryam Yousuf Al Balushi Trainee
  • "An Excellent 360 view of health IT and its value on healthcare echo system. Open discussion was really good"

    Mr Jaleel Rahiman Trainee
  • "It was a well organized & informative course. It covers all variable topics that are related to the current status of EHR as well as the future of health informatics and EHR."

    Ms Amani Hassan Moharram Trainee
  • "It was a very helpful course in e-health generally and EHR specifically."

    Mr Yasir AlGhamdi Trainee
  • "The training course was very informative and the speaker was excellent in his role as a presenter and speaker. I liked that it gave me insight to what other opportunities are out there that can be adapted to further betterment of healthcare in our organization."

    Ms Meshael Ibrahim Al-Butíhie Trainee
  • "The overall training was good along with the group discussion. I expected a more advance level for senior audience."

    Mr Hussain Al Issa Trainee
  • "I believe ACS could be one of the sources to learn more about market needs and available solutions with the relevant strategy."

    FADI ATA Trainee
  • "Excellent training for beginners in the healthcare IT field. Great trainers and very interesting discussion."

    Ms Fatimah Kazim Trainee
  • "It was great to join this course."

    Ms Sharifa Mohammad Abdullah Al-Marhoon Trainee
  • "The overall training was very good for me; it was very important and meets some of my educational goals due to its materials selection and education provided in the course."

    Mr Mohamed Al Rwili Trainee
  • "I liked this course, it is very helpful for me as a biggener in PACS job, I learned a lot and I understood the HL7 messages which will help me in finding the solutions of the issues that I may face. Also I like the simple way in tranforming the information to us."

    Ms Alya Nasser Awadh Ahmed Bakran Trainee
  • "Everything is fine, practical topics I like the most."

    Mr Fahad Al Otaibi Trainee
  • "It was good training thanks for being friendly with us."

    Ms Basma Alhajri Trainee
  • "I like most the practical exercises."

    Ms Afifa Al Saffar Trainee
  • "I like most the group work and open discussion."

    Ms Huda Al Harami Trainee
  • "It’s a good informative training."

    Ms Loulwah Al Mutairi Trainee
  • "Thank you very much for every thing, the trainer was very helpful and he answerd most of our question."

    Ms Fatemah Al Sanad Trainee
  • "Training was good but we need explaination on PACS system with different vendor and how to use it in PACS system."

    Dr Amal Hajeri Trainee
  • "Training was very good, I like most the variety of information."

    Mr Gamal Hamza Trainee
  • "I like most the practical sessions, training was very good."

  • "This training adds benefit and I knew many explaination and object messages."

    Dr Hanan Abdelmaged Trainee
  • "I like most the handouts and HL7 excersisces."

    Dr Mona Mubarak Al Hajeri Trainee
  • "Training was ok, topics I like the most."

    Ms Noora Noora Trainee
  • "I like most the discussion and exercises."

    Ms Hanan Ahmed Hamed Al-Shuaili Trainee
  • "I like case studies, practice and sharing experience."

    Ms Hind Ali Al-Neyadi Trainee
  • "I like the journey it gives a clear idea of where to start from and how to start it too!"

    Ms Muna Ali Hassan Al Lawati Trainee
  • "One of the best training I have attended in the past 5 years due to high level of knowledge & info we gained and practically comprehended."

    Mr Yasser Baha Eldin Badawy Trainee
  • "Training was relevant to my organization as currently strategy setting."

    Mr Alan Paul Trainee
  • "I like most the strategy map."

    Mr Tariq Osama Tayara Trainee
  • "I herby testify that everything was great, I like most the interaction."

    Mr Fadi Ghassan Fawal Trainee
  • "I like most the case studies & practical activities."

    Mr Saqr Al Malki Trainee
  • "The trainer did his best to meet our questions."

    Mr Ahmed Nimer Trainee
  • "I like most the balanced score card."

    Ms Manal Khamis Al Khatri Trainee
  • "I like most the balanced score card."

    Mr Saeed Sami Al Ashkar Trainee
  • "Thank you. An excellent training on Risk & Reputation Management and very interactive."

    Mr Fasil Terefe Trainee
  • "Very good workshop learned new concepts & relevant interaction in my field."

    Mr Majid Al Nuaimi Trainee
  • "The training was very helpful, well arranged and well delivered!"

    Ms Nisha Abraham Trainee
  • "It was instructive and informative."

    Mr Abey Kal-Ab Bahru Trainee
  • "The training was very informative, I like most the case studies & examples."

    Ms Kouassi Nina Benedicte Kouassi Trainee
  • "I like most the topics of the training."

    Ms Hind Al Sumaiti Trainee
  • "Training was very interactive & informative. "

    Mr Christopher Kayoshe Trainee
  • "It was very good specially the exercises."

    Ms Rekia Mahamoudou Trainee
  • "It was a good experience to share different experiences from multiple organizations."

    Mr Manzar Hydari Trainee
  • "It was a great learning experience, I have enjoyed every second of this training session"

    Mr Muhammad Khokhar Trainee
  • "Thank you for the effort."

    Mr Ahmed Al Zahrani Trainee
  • "Training schedule and materials were organized well and the trainer felt involving and well experienced."

    Mr Mohamed Talal Al Bouchi Trainee
  • "I enjoyed the training because I learned a lot of new things that will not only benefit me now but will also benefit me in the future."

    Ms Afifa Al Saffar Trainee
  • "It was very good training."

    Mr Moath Izzdeen Mousa Trainee
  • "Thank you for this great training, which will help to improve my work as PACS administrator."

    Ms Arwa Saeed Bayazed Trainee
  • "Thanks for this training, it was very useful."

    Ms Moaza Hamad Al Ibrahim Semaiti Trainee
  • "It helps me a lot to understand some subjects about PACS and VNA."

    Mr Abdullah Al Humaidi Trainee
  • "I like most the VNA and cloud topics."

    Mr Talat Ramadan Mohamed Trainee
  • "This training is concentrated on the IT/technical side, it gives me knowledge for the future use if we decided to have VNA."

    Ms Marieta R. Dela Cruz Trainee
  • "I like the contents and side discussion that took place, I got a lot of knowledge about some aspects that wasn’t clear."

    Mr Ahmed Al-Rashed Trainee
  • "It was good training."

    Ms Moaza Hamad Al Ibrahim Semaiti Trainee
  • "It was good and knowledgeable training, this will definitely help in my profession in coming days."

    Mr Abdul Basit Trainee
  • "VNA becomes easy and understood after attending this course."

    Mr Mishal Al Mutairi Trainee
  • "I like the deep knowledge of the trainer Mr. Norman and the risk management topics"

    Mr Jehad Sweidan Trainee
  • "It was very helpful and practical training, suitable to my job."

    Ms Bhavani Joshi Trainee
  • "I like most the personal experience of trainer Mr. Norman."

    Mr Waseem Bari Trainee
  • "The training helped me to have a more detailed understanding about internal audit."

    Mr Retheesh Kumar Trainee
  • "Not only covered the basics of risk management but also linked the same to core internal audit practices & process."

    Mr Jaseem Khan Trainee
  • "Experienced faculty and highly knowledgeable trainer."

    Mr Usman Zishan Trainee
  • "First of all I would like to thank ACS people to all effort they did and support they give to me. The course is very focus and I gained a lot of knowledge."

    Mr Waseem Ghania Trainee
  • "It was very useful training course where I gain knowledge about topics."

    Mr Ahmed Mohamed Trainee
  • "The training was very helpful in understanding the possibilities within Excel to improve financial models."

    Mr Muhammad Abbas Trainee
  • "Good training I like the exercises."

    Mr Makhdoom Al Raisi Trainee
  • "I like all in general."

    Mr Hayan Ahmad Trainee
  • "Richly insightful and made accessible by facilitators expertise. Good program for companies."

    Ms Fatma Yusuf Trainee
  • "This is one of the most informative, integrated and useful workshop that I attended over the last few years."

    Dr Ali Al Wabil Trainee
  • "A very informative training session especially for companies that are looking at a strategic roadmap with vision, mission and values to be implemented in their companies to achieve a definitive goals."

    Mr Francisca Mhuriro Trainee
  • "I like most the implementation part, Balance Score Card & dashboard."

    Dr Nasir Al-Sulaiti Trainee
  • "Building strategies to execution was described in very structured manner. Thank you very much. "

    Mr Mohamed Abdul Hameed Al-Lawati Trainee
  • "A very insightful systematic course which gave me practical solutions to day to day organizational challenges concerning strategy execution, performance & change management."

    Dr Shanila Laiju Trainee
  • "Trainer was relax and friendly, meeting people I wouldn’t have met otherwise."

    Mr Jacques-Eymard Nanghoudoum Trainee
  • "I like most the strategy mapping and balanced score card (BSC)."

    Mr Tichawona Shumba Trainee
  • "The topics were excellent and well covered."

    Dr Abdulla Al Zaben Trainee
  • "I like most the exercise and group work."

    Ms Ahlam Al Raisi Trainee
  • "While joining this workshop I was to get the tools to implement the strategy of my organization. Now, I know how I have to define objectives.  "

    Mr Nazaire Atse Trainee
  • "I like the trainer and it was well organized training"

    Mr Mohamad Khattab Trainee
  • "The trainer was very knowledgeable and supportive"

    Ms Shazia Mughal Trainee
  • "Very productive training comes with more understanding on the financial modeling along with using Excel techniques to make it more productive. I like most the interaction & discussion about using the different techniques to implement"

    Mr Shaheryar Syed Trainee
  • "The course was very well structured and interactive. The trainer was very knowledgeable & the presentation and delivery of the course was top quality. The interactive nature of the training made it more interesting ensured excellent participation. Overall a very good course on learning tips & tricks to improve financial modelling"

    Mr Aitezaz Malik Trainee
  • "Very useful training for mid management and senior management finance officials"

    Mr Shaji Mathew Trainee
  • "Excellent experience I have ever had"

    Mr Alawad Abuelgasim Trainee
  • "The trainer Mr. Andrea is a very knowledgeable in terms of PACS integration topic, I like the way he addressed the participant questions"

    Mr Kamran Nayyer Trainee
  • "I like most the practical sessions, it was a great & knowledgeable training"

    Mr Hanadi Al Dossary Trainee
  • "Training provided good understanding of the PACS system with sufficient practical approach. This would surely help me to achieve our goals at our organization"

    Mr Abdun Nafay Qureshi Trainee
  • "I like the trainer knowledge and the friendly people"

    Mr Fahad Al Otaibi Trainee
  • "A well organized, informative with practical suggestions. I like most the interaction with trainer & participants"

    Dr Christopher Rasquinha Trainee
  • "It is very good to achieve and clarify PACS, RIS, IHE & DICOM concepts"

    Mr Syed Quaseem Hyder Trainee
  • "Belonging to a country like Pakistan, I learnt a lot of new aspects in healthcare IT and I am sure these will help us a lot in improving our hospital services"

    Mr Amir Bashir Trainee
  • "It was an excellent course"

    Mr Aiman Al Ali Trainee
  • "Was very good to learn different technology for ESB, XDS, HL7 & WADO, trainer was so nice"

    Mr Abbod Al Kendi Trainee
  • "It is really a good initiative towards PACS & healthcare functionalities specially in DICOM/Radiology field as it is one of the major area of any health institute. Practical exercises & group discussions were very useful"

    Ms Sana Qamar Trainee
  • "It was a good experience to attend such course and I loved the environment"

    Miss Bania Al Khatib Trainee
  • "Everything was good and interesting"

    Mr Suad Ali Al Tamimi Trainee
  • "It was a pleasure to attend such course"

    Mr Zuhair Al Hulaily Trainee
  • "Great experience with great people. Specially the way of presentation of trainer Mr. John"

    Miss Rameesa Hashir Trainee
  • "I like most the EMR integration and EHR future"

    Mr Pradeep Prothasis Trainee
  • "I like the overview and the subject"

    Mr Hans Martinetz Trainee
  • "Got an overview of EMR and its implementation and how it evaluate"

    Mr Irshad Mohammed Trainee
  • "The entire session was good"

    Mr Rasheed N.K Trainee
  • "The most of the scenario is based on U.S. which Abu Dhabi Health Authority follows, that is relevant for the situation"

    Mr Noel Jose Trainee
  • "Very educative, informative and entertaining."

    Mr Dilip Kumar Trainee
  • "It was a good involved group with much interaction and team work, a balance between concepts & practical exercises."

    Mr Bikram Sehgal Trainee
  • "The commitment of the instructor Mitchell Weisberg."

    Mr Saad Al Otaibi Trainee
  • "Energy of Mitch, solid process that can be used & adapted."

    Mr Mathew Bailey Trainee
  • "Very informative related to the topic of strategy, KPI’s and measurement, value, mission, vision."

    Mr Deepak Nair Trainee
  • "The materials & the interaction. Excellent workshop on strategic planning."

    Dr Salem Tamemi Trainee
  • "I like most the group activity to demonstrate understanding."

    Mr Oliver James Trainee
  • "It is a real added value training in strategy management."

    Mr Aatif Alkinaidri Trainee
  • "A well organized training."

    Dr Adel Bataweel Trainee
  • "Almost everything was good."

    Ms Hameeda Al Maliki Trainee
  • "It was a great workshop with highly skilled & knowledgeable trainer. Mitchell is a subject matter expert and I really enjoyed it."

    Mr Sulfikher Nademmal Trainee
  • "Mr. Victor Freeman is one person worth meeting for a bright future, truly inspirational."

    Mr Praveen Ratnaswamy Trainee
  • "Professional from A to Z."

    Ms Eman Al-Hussain Trainee
  • "I have gained more knowledge about ICD-10 CM"

    Ms Cherryl Alicaba Trainee
  • "A compact yet comprehensive refresher for ICD-10 coding & implementation."

    Mr Mohammad Al Bakri Trainee
  • "A very nice comprehensive presentation which was discussed in detail in a short period of time."

    Mr Abdul Saleem Mohamed Jalal Trainee
  • "Very good, unique & informative, trainer has teaching skills."

    Ms Sukaina Husain AlAidarous Trainee
  • "This training refreshed my knowledge and it was quite good for my future."

    Mr Suresh Mani Trainee
  • "A helpful course to help you choose & implement an EHR and a nice refresher if you already have one."

    Mr Mohammad Al Bakri Trainee
  • "It was a great workshop. Learnt new knowledge and gained new experience. I'd say an added value to my career."

    Mr Yasir AlGhamdi Trainee
  • "It was a great learning opportunity."

    Ms Anjum Khamisani Trainee
  • "The importance and benefits of EHR were well discussed."

    Mr Saud Abdulaziz Al bulushi Trainee
  • "Simple, informative, helpful & to the point. Keep giving, supporting & improving the patient quality of care. Thank you & Thanks You again"

    Mr Abdullah Binhamdan Trainee
  • "This workshop was great and very helpful in increasing the knowledge of EHR."

    Ms Noora Al Thomairy Trainee
  • "Its adding knowledge for me, I will use it in my big project."

    Ms Mona Abdul Aziz Ababtain Trainee
  • "The training is well organized. The training content was clear and helpful. It has increased my understanding of EHR and why it’s important. I enjoyed thoroughly this opportunity, I am hopeful training was informative for all of the participants."

    Mr Zohair Mustaqeem Trainee
  • "Excellent course for PACS administrator & radiology managers for understanding PACS/DICOM/HL7 & IHE and their interfaces. Very useful for planners and implementation committee members of PACS/DICOM/HL7 projects."

    Dr Christopher Rasquinha Trainee
  • "Excellent trainers & overall a very successful workshop. The training was really informative & fun to be part of it, trainers were very knowledgeable and excellent in teaching & providing info."

    Ms Jumana Al Yousifi Trainee
  • "The lecturers were good & we were able to follow them during the training as they tried to explain in a simple way. They were very helpful and answered all of our questions whether they are part of the training or not."

    Ms Afifa Al Saffar Trainee
  • "The training was very good."

    Ms Moaza Hamad Al Ibrahim Semaiti Trainee
  • "Object of the training were very useful for me as PACS administrator, all the topics related to PACS were covered, the trainers were well prepared. Thanks ACS."

    Ms Moaza Al Tamimi Trainee
  • "Everything was ok."

    Ms Noura Abu Al Khair Trainee
  • "All aspects were excellent, specially practical and examples."

    Ms Sara Essa Trainee
  • "The course is very helpful especially exercises for PACS administrator and IT people. It covers almost everything about how to handle PACS problems. Thank you."

    Ms Jeanne Mourani Trainee
  • "I highly recommended the course for PACS administrator & beginners. The atmosphere was very good."

    Dr Ebtehal Al Qattan Trainee
  • "Like HL7 & DICOM in this training."

    Mr Salah Garwan Trainee
  • "The trainer was helpful in way that you become aware about some potential issued about PACS. Also show the trend of using this technology globaly and best practice of it."

    Mr Abdulaziz Alenazi Trainee
  • "The trainer was more friendly and he accepts all of the questions."

    Mr Abdullah Alshwairkh Trainee
  • "The trainer was well prepared. He had good knowledge about Radiology."

    Mr Ahmed Al Barradah Trainee
  • "Wonderful training and  I really learned a lot of things and I woud just like to say BIG Thank you"

    Ms Sarah Al Ghubain Trainee
  • "I am on the right path of my career."

    Mr Khaled Aldhaayan Trainee
  • "Thank you"

    Mr Hesham Ali Al Sum Trainee
  • "Nice training and Good experience."

    Mr Jasim Said Al Rusheidi Trainee
  • "Such very good course conducted."

    Mr Ahmed Al-Rashed Trainee
  • "Practical excercises kept everyone actve and gained more experience with tools provided. The tools can now be used on our sites."

    Mr Saud Al Saif Trainee
  • "Very useful workshop. I learned a lot of good and new things and different ideas. Trainers were very helpful and knowledgeable. Thanks"

    Ms Zahraa Bahman Trainee
  • "Much better RIS/PACS, DICOM workshop atttended then my first one. Teams are organized, cooperated and knowledgeable."

    Ms Ruqia Kalanter Trainee
  • "Better understanding on HL7 AND Diacom usage and i got also getter understanding about what my  job description."

    Mr Porferio Jr. Valdez Trainee
  • "Very useful training . I gain good knowledge about HL7 and IHE."

    Ms Hessa Khalifa Trainee
  • "It would be better while explaining before going to handout of the steps so that during practicle we can understand how to work it out easily."

    Mr Jamila Saeed Abdulla Trainee
  • "This is very help course to understand what happen in the background of any PACS SYSTEM and also with other communications/Information systems with in hospital."

    Ms Claudia Badillo Trainee
  • "It was a very good chance to get my training on Mr.Massoud and Mr. Wasims' hands , they were very accurate about what they teach and were keen to make it clear to us, they were patient, sincere and friendly, and they welcomed any question all the time, made sure of our understanding and ability to applicat what we have learned, they deserve all respect."

    Mr Sarah Ayoub Trainee
  • "I trained in company AITS with mr. WASIM and mr. MASWOOD The training was very consistency in attendance and attention and seriousness and take advantage in the course and abundant information about medical billing and coding and rules necessary for the continuation of the work in this job and all trainee was wishing to work in this field really thanks a lot mr wasim and mr masaood"

    Mr Naglaa Shehata Trainee
  • "First of all Congrats for the new training website.. that would be a strong move forward in your career.. Just wanted to thank Mr. Masaood Baloch, Wasim A.Khan and all the instructors for being so professional, patient and so helpful during the training we had in AITS back in Cairo Egypt (2007-2008) in the Medical billing & Coding field.. Just wanted to tell you that all the trainees are now seniors in the field right now and companies are competing each others to win their efforts and expertise. Thanks for everything and wishing you all the success."

    Mr Ahmed Samy Trainee
  • "Thanks team ACS for efforts in learning us and putting us on the field of medical billing and coding and wishing you all the success"

    Mr Mohamed Fathy Trainee
  • "I had received my first ever Medical Billing and Coding training in Egypt provided by ASC. The 3-month training was splitted into two parts; 1) theoritical part with main objective of transferring the basic knowledge of medical billing and coding, and 2) practical part (on-job-training) with main objective of ensuring trainees capability of properly doing medical billing and coding. My overall rating of the training program was excellent, and I was very satisfied by the professional trainers Massaod Balochi and Wasim Khan. I advise any medical billing and coding executive to try it."

    Mr Ahmed Hussain Trainee