Oct 04, 2024, 7:00 AM - 05:30 PM HOTEL AL BANDAR ROTANA, DUBAI, UAE

Training Objectives

Learning Objectives

  • This program will cover the recommended knowledge content required to administer a PACS or an advanced Enterprise Imaging system.
  • Participants will get an intensive review of course material from the CIIP & CPAS certification perspective and practical knowledge needed in daily work.
  • Participants will gain an understanding of the Procurement and Project Management process and the techniques for a successful PACS implementation.
  • Instruction on current Operations Management with Medical Communication and various Training techniques to maximize user effectiveness. Discussion on Clinical Engineering and Image Management with DICOM and HL7 integration of modalities and industry standard IHE imaging workflows
  • Focus on Systems Management and Information Technology skills needed for optimal image availability and system resilience.
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Instructor of this course

Ronald W. Gilbert

Manager, Enterprise Imaging & Informatics, WellStar Health System, Atlanta, GA
Instructor: PACS and Imaging Informatics
MS IS Mgmt, Health Informatics
B.S. Radiologic Sciences,

More Detail

This course is day-long instruction and review of the recommended content and skill set needed for a PACS Administrator or an Imaging Informatics Professional. The course content follows the content listed for a typical certification examination and is intended also as a preparation workshop. The staff sometimes is encouraged to take a PACS Administration position and never gets formally trained or doesn’t feel they know what is needed to do the job.

This course can enhance that knowledge and increase proficiency and bring success. Methodical instruction takes the student through the topics that are familiar to the jobs and expands upon them, interjecting with real world experiences and interactive discussion. Presented by an experienced professional, this program will cover the inner workings of Imaging Informatics from the traditional local PACS, to the eventual transition to an advanced Enterprise Imaging system.

You will leave with an understanding of:

  • What to expect from an Imaging Informatics certification examination and validate readiness to succeed.
  • What is expected of a PACS Administrator now and in the near future.
  • How we can optimize what tools we have and be able to justify better ones.
  • If the attendees are IT based, they will learn clinical content
  • If attendees are Clinical based, they will learn IT content
  • Clinical Informatics and how all departments contribute to the healthcare big picture
  • Participant will leave the course with actionable information that can be immediately used to operate and expand a multi-departmental PACS with an eye on future growth to meet organizational needs and optimal patient care.
  • What is included in a Needs Assessment for Imaging Informatics and how it meets strategic goals; the elements of a feasibility study such as Cost-Benefit analysis and ROI; technical specifications for software, hardware, and service and how they impact selection criteria
  • The Project Management process, scope, risks and constraints, tools for monitoring progress such as collaboration, timelines, and a variety of charts and lists (PERT, GANTT chart, milestones, critical path, tasks, and schedules).
  • Review of CIIP testing guide, understanding the test structure with content weighting and testing rules. Experience a simulated CIIP Certification examination under simulated testing conditions.
  • Mock Examination simulation. Evaluation of simulated examination responses by examinee and reason for that response if incorrect. Discussing the rationale behind the appropriate answers during a group review and how to retain the knowledge.
  • Existing CIIP credentialed participants can get CE credit for CIIP renewal requirements and also count for ARRT and other clinical credentials.

This course is designed for Junior level imaging professionals who want to enter the challenging world of Imaging Informatics.

  • Radiologic Technologists
  • Imaging Specialists
  • Current PACS Administrators and field engineers who wish to update their knowledge.
  • Also, RT's, hospital IT staff and personnel who are actively involved in PACS selection, planning and implementation will benefit from this course.
  • Those who want to become PACS Admin .
  • Those who want to take CIIP and CPAS exams
  • Presentations/lectures
  • Practical exercises
  • Quizzes
  • Individual assignments and interaction
  • Group discussions
  • Feedback discussion of the previous session activities
  • Certificate of Achievement
  • Lunch with coffee/tea break

Course Fee $715/Participant

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10% Early Bird Discount $643 till Sep 10, 2024

2+1 Offer $1,430 for 3 Participants
3+2 Offer $2,145 for 5 Participants
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Day 1 - Friday 04 October, 2024
Registration, Kick off and Introduction
Session One

Content Review I: Introduction to IIP and Procurement

  • Introduction to Imaging Informatics Professional
    • PACS Administrator and Imaging Informatics Professional
    • Certification process and content
  • PACS and Imaging Informatics Procurement
    • Needs Assessment – PACS vs. Enterprise
    • Cost Benefit Analysis and ROI
    • Vendor Selection (RFI, RFA, RFP)
    • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and Value
    • Contract Management
Coffee/Tea Brea
Session Two

Content Review II – IT Project Management and Operations Management

  • Implementation and Project Management
    • Project Feasibility Analysis
    • Goals, Scope, and Risk
    • Project Management Process and Tools
    • Closing Strategy and Completion
  • PACS / Enterprise Imaging Operations
    • Quality Improvement – QA/QC
    • Regulatory Compliance
    • Policies, Staffing and Budgeting
Coffee/Tea Brea
Session Three

Content Review III: Communications, Support , and Image Management

  • Communications in Healthcare
    • Healthcare Organization and Relationships
    • Medical Terminology in Imaging
    • System Availability and Change Management
    • Planning and Reporting
  • Training, Support, and Help Desk
    • Learning Types (Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic)
    • Training Programs – Computer Based vs Live Instruction
  • Review of Image Management
    • Workflow
    • Reading Room
    • Import /Export/ Image Exchange
Lunch Break
Session Four

Content Review IV : Information Technology and Systems Management

  • Review of Information Technology
    • Storage and Archiving
    • Networking
    • Hardware and Software
    • IT Standards
  • Review of Systems Management
    • Data Management
    • Problem Solving
    • Security and HIPAA
Coffee/Tea Break
Session Five

Content Review V : Clinical Engineering and Medical Imaging Informatics

  • Review of Clinical Engineering
    • Modality Support
    • Modality Integration/ DICOM
    • Display QC
    • Clinical Hazards
  • Review of Medical Imaging Informatics
    • Imaging
    • Systems Integration – HIS, RIS, EHR, VNA
    • Imaging Standards – DICOM, HL7, etc.
    • IHE Profiles and Connectivity
    • Image Architecture – Enterprise vs PACS
Coffee/Tea Break
Session Six

Imaging Informatics Professional: Interactive Review and Preparation

  • Review of course content and group discussion
  • Review of acronyms and terms in Imaging Informatics
  • Review of testing Process
  • Review of Sample Testing Elements Simulation of certification examination under expected test conditions
  • Evaluation of Simulated Responses and scoring
  • Discuss simulation element rationale in Group Review

Closing, Certificate Distribution End of Course!

Course Program
Time Topic
07:00 to 07:10Registration & Introduction
07:10 to 08:40Session One
08:40 to 08:50Coffee/Tea Brea
08:50 to 10:20Session Two
10:20 to 10:30Coffee/Tea Brea
10:30 to 12:00Session Three
12:00 to 12:40Lunch Break
12:40 to 14:10Session Four
14:10 to 14:20Coffee/Tea Break
14:20 to 15:50Session Five
15:50 to 16:00Coffee/Tea Break
16:00 to 17:30 Session Six