Trends & Experiences in Healthcare IT & EHR

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Day 1 - Monday 08 May, 2017
Opening Session

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Healthcare IT Overview - Whatís the history and what have we learned?

Difference between EMR & EHR
History & Background
HIS- Hospital Information System
LIS - Laboratory Information system
PM - (PMS) Practice Management System
PHR - Personal Health Record
HIE - Health Information Exchange
Why use technology in healthcare? Why has it been slowly adopted?
Why EHR? Where are we at in its evolution?
Discussion: What technologies do you use in your organization? What are you

T E A B R E A K & N E T W O R K I N G
Impact of Healthcare IT on Healthcare Industry - High Level Trends

Triple Aim:

  • Better care for individuals
  • Better health for the population
  • Lower cost through improvement

Shift in EHR Adoption
Changing trends in EMR and its future
Big Data

Z U H R P R A Y E R & L U N C H B R E A K
What is governmentís role in healthcare IT?

Sinister / parasitic

  • Control over 1/7th of the economy
  • Easier to convict fraud/abuse
  • Governmental agencies get the ability to access your info

Should government be involved?

  • Positive
  • Negative

EHRs and healthcare interoperability: The challenges, complexities,
opportunities and reality

  • Interoperability -Exchange of information/data across platforms/applications/devices
    • Lab - As true data not “pictures of the reports”
    • Imaging
    • Referrals (incoming and outgoing)
    • ePrecription
    • Health Ministry (local,regional, national), i.e. diseases outbreaks (eg: ebola case)
    • Devices (EKG, spirometer, glucometer, Holter, etc.)
    • Chart Notes, Other Health Data
  • EHR Safety Alerts
  • FDA’s Role

Open Discussion: How Do You Handle Government Regulations?

T E A B R E A K & N E T W O R K I N G
Healthcare IT ROI - Doing a Proper Cost-Benefit Analysis

What’s the ROI for Healthcare IT Purchases?

  • Does Health IT need an ROI or is it a required “utility” in today’s healthcare?

Using EHR as an ROI Case Study
EHR Costs

  • Obvious Costs
  • Forgotten EHR Software Costs
  • Forgotten EHR Hardware Costs

EHR Benefits

  • Simple/Guaranteed EHR Benefit Calculations
  • Harder/Debatable EHR Benefit Calculations

Vendor flexibility/capability

  • interfaces to outside systems (dictation, accounting,document management...)
  • FHIR Interoperability (API)
  • Makes Use of public domain data

Is Your Vendor Forward Thinking

  • Solves tomorrow’s problems before they become today’s crisis

Interoperability and Standards

  • Interoperability vs Integration (PACS, HL7, FHIR, DIRECT, APIs, etc)

What about free/open source software?
Health IT Contracting
Will You Ever Need to Switch Companies?

  • What can you do now in case you have to switch companies later?
Day 2 - Tuesday 09 May, 2017
Personalized Medicine - Precision Medicine

Implications for clinical decision support system
Enabling patient access transformation in the new health economy
Enhancing the patient’s digital journey

  • Wired Hospital

Information Mobility and Communication

  • Mobility-Doctor Patient Relationship and Patient Care & Delivery

Accountable care and meaningful use

  • Should the middle east adopt it?
  • How does the US meaningful use and ACO impact the middle east?

What is personalized medicine and Precision Medicine?

  • FHIR and SmartApps
  • Patient Portals
  • Patient Experience
  • Sensors
  • Implantables
T E A  B R E A K & N E T W O R K I N G    
Healthcare IT Security and Business Continuity

Building a Culture of Security

  • More than HIPAA

External Breaches

  • Ransomware

Internal Breaches
Business Continuity
Disaster Recovery
Security Case Studies and Discussion on Best Practices

Z U H R P R A Y E R & L U N C H B R E A K
Healthcare IT Tools, Software, and Technology - Where is Healthcare IT Headed?

Patient Engagement
Patient Portals
Secure Text
“Retail” like experiences
3D Printing
Virtual Reality
Healthcare Analytics
Genomic Medicine, Proteonmics, Human Biome
People vs Technology

T E A B R E A K & N E T W O R K I N G
Group Discussion - Trends & development in e-Health (Middle East)
  • Major challenges and problems
  • Lessons learned
  • Existing systems deficiencies
  • Systems compatibility with future development
  • IPreparing staff and management for shift of technology
  • Status of EMR/EHR implementation in the region
  • Investigate the existing disparities
  • Latest Development in public & private sector
  • Innovation
  • Future trends & objectives
Certificate distribution

Certificate distribution

Course Program
Time Topic
Day 1
08:00 to 08:30Registration & Introduction
Day 1-3
08:30 to 10:15Session One
10:15 to 10:30T E A B R E A K & N E T W O R K I N G
10:30 to 12:15Session Two
12:15 to 13:15Z U H R P R A Y E R & L U N C H B R E A K
13:15 to 14:30Session Three
14:30 to 14:45T E A B R E A K & N E T W O R K I N G
14:45 to 16:00Session Four