Dictation system

  • Toll-Free phone-in dictation
  • Local Phone-in dictation
  • Professional quality dictation system
  • High quality audio recording
  • Dictation delivery to E-mail or FTP accounts
  • Easy to manage and use

How it Works

You can dictate on phone-in dictation system easily by following this procedure.

  • Dial the number from any phone and you will be prompted for access code. Enter your access code followed by # and you will continue to the main menu.
    Press 1 to dictate.
  • You will then be prompted for Dictation Type. This Dictation Type will be noted in the dictation files filename and can be used as case number, patient number, record number, etc. Enter the Dictation Type followed by # and you are now ready to dictate.
  • The following editing functions are available during the dictation session.
    • Press 9 to record (you will hear the record tone)
    • Press 0 to pause (you will hear the pause tone)
    • Press 1 to go to start of dictation
    • Press 3 to go to end of dictation
    • Press 4 to rewind
    • Press 5 to skip back 5 seconds and play
    • Press 6 to forward
    • Press 7 to play
    • Press * when finished dictating
  • After you finish your dictation and press *, you will be prompted for what to do with the dictation. You may send, save or delete the dictation.
  • Press 1 to send the dictation or alternatively press 5 to send it high priority. The priority will be noted in the dictation files filename to show priority.
  • You will then be placed back in the main menu to start your next dictation.

Dictation Type

It is used to capture special information that you may want to convey to the person receiving the dictation file. For example it can be used for “case number”, or some other number that you define to identify the content of the dictation. You can key anything when prompted and it will be appended to the filename. If you don’t want to enter anything then just press the “#” key.

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