You can use our NPI Lookup feature to quickly view a Provider's or Organization's information as stored in the NPPES NPI Registry database.

We make every effort to keep our database as up-to-date as possible -- as soon as CMS releases updates, we incorporate them.

Our NPI lookup has the added functionality of showing you whether the provider has a valid PECOS record (or is in the process of enrolling) and what name is given within the PECOS system. Medicare will eventually deny claims when your spelling of the referring/ordering provider name does not match the name as given in the PECOS system.

Primary Taxonomy and description are displayed.

We automatically search for Alternate Provider Name (AKA) and Organization Name (DBA) names for your convenience.

At this time CMS has not turned on the automated edits that would deny claims for services that were ordered or referred by a physician or other eligible professional simply for lack of an approved file in PECOS. CMS is working diligently to resolve backlog and other systems issues and will provide ample advance notice to the provider and beneficiary communities before CMS begins any such automatic denials. While there are some rumors that the edits will be turned on in January, we want to reiterate that CMS has not announced any date (January 3 or otherwise) as to when ordering/referring edits will be turned on.