Medical Coding (Day1)
Module 1- Introduction and Orientation
  • Industry History
  • Coding Sets: ICD-9, CPT, HCPCS, etc
  • Daily activities in medical facilities
  • The responsibilities of various healthcare professionals
  • How medical coders interact with these professionals
  • Career opportunities available to medical coding specialists
  • Liability & Legal Issues

Module 2- Documenting Medical Records
  • The role of medical records in a coding specialist's job.
  • Various types of dictation formats.
  • How healthcare professionals manage medical records.

Module 3- Medical Terminology
  • Etymology
  • Word Parts
  • Dividing & Combining Terms
  • Abbreviations, Symbols, and Special Terms
  • Medical Instruments & Equipment
  • Medical Specialties & Specialists
  • Diagnostic Medicine
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Drug References & Instruments

Module 4- Introduction to Anatomy
  • Overview of human anatomy
  • Basic components of human biology and the associated terminology
  • How the human body is put together and how it works
  • Basic body cavities and how the body is organized physiologically
  • Cell and Tissue Anatomy and Pathology

Module 5- Diagnostic Coding (ICD-9, ICD-10)
  • Actual coding process
  • History of the International Classification of Diseases and the development of the ICD-9/10-CM coding system
  • ICD-9/10-CM Coding Manual Introduction
  • Structure of the coding manual
  • Purposes of the various volumes within the manual
  • Handling abbreviations, cross references, and punctuation when coding, and they gain an introduction to Volumes I and II of the ICD-9-CM.
  • ICD-9-CM Diagnosis Coding: Guidelines and Rules
  • Guidelines and rules of the diagnosis coding process
  • How coders interact with the super bill and claim forms and how the forms relate to the ICD-9-CM.
  • Basic coding exercises also allow students to practice what they've learned so far.
Medical Coding (Day2)
Module 6- CPT Coding
    • CPT Coding from the Integumentary System to the Urinary System
    • CPT Coding from the Reproductive Systems to the Operating Microscope
    • CPT Coding for Radiology, Pathology, Medicine and Anesthesia
    • Comprehensive Surgery Coding
    • Integrating ICD-9-CM and CPT Coding Practicum
    • CPT Coding Evaluation and Management Services
    • Comprehensive CPT Evaluation and Management
Medical Coding (Day3)
Module 7- Pharmacological Compendium
Module 8- HCPCS Coding
Module 9- CDT Coding
Module 10- NDC Coding
Module 11- Medical Ethics
  • Concepts of ethics, compliance, fraud and abuse and how these concepts apply to medial coding specialists.
  • Importance of confidentiality when dealing with medical records.
  • Insurance audits and the legal concepts involved.

Module 12- Health Insurance Specialists
  • How health insurance works.
  • Types of insurance
  • Common medical insurance terms
  • How insurance companies are billed
  • Basics of electronic billing
  • Application of diagnostic and procedure codes to insurance
  • Medical Care Reimbursement
  • Health Organization Plans
  • Insurance Claim Form Analysis
  • Payer Processing
  • Laws, Rules and Regulations
  • Private Insurance
  • Medicare, Medicaid, and Tricare
  • Worker's Compensation

Module 13- Coding Practice
  • Outpatient and inpatient coding exercises
  • Specialty coding and chart abstraction to build coding expertise (from simple to very complicated)

Module 14- Coding Resource