For those who do not want the burden of assembling and maintaining a billing team, our Full Service Billing Tier is a great substitute. This option will minimize the overhead of your business by reducing the skilled labor force necessary to run your practice. Shrinking reimbrusements and stringent coding and billing regulations are making it even more challenging to earn a decent living as a physician.

This service allows the practitioner to concentrate on his or her expertise, while ACS performs the entire billing process. This includes picking up daily activity, entering the data into the computer, billing patients and third party payors, collections, banking, follow-up on delinquent accounts and producing all necessary reports.

You'll still have access to the software for online scheduling and patient data. Our meticulous approach and multiple years of experience have helped us achieve a typically 5-10% higher annual return for our clients compared to other billing companies. Furthermore, we absorb all expenses beyond our full service rates, so there are never any hidden fees or surprise charges.

ACS doesn't require you to agree to any long term service contract. We put you in control and must strive continually to earn your business every single month.