Step 1 :  Signing of agreements .

          a . General Billing Agreement.
          b . Business Associate Agreement (HIPAA requirement) .

Step 2 : Collecting and verifying required information from you.  Evaluate and make needed recommendations on practice brochures, superbills, patient information gathering practices, etc.

Step 3 : Set up your account in our (or your) software and/or determine secure, HIPAA-compliant access.

Step 4 : Register or confirm providers with a clearinghouse for the electronic submission of claims

Step 5 : Collect all available information for any existing claims, such as:

           a . Superbills
           b . Patient Demographics and Insurance Data
           c . Any Primary Payor EOB/SPR or Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) received

Step 6 : Gathering the required remaining needed information for processing and submitting the claims. This step might also include the following:

          a . Insurance or Patient Follow-ups
          b . Analysis of group codes, reason adjustment codes, and remarks codes
          c . Denial Management
          d . Diagnosis/Procedure Code linking for maximum reimbursement
          e . Submission of claims (Electronic and Paper)

Step 7 : Insurance companies will indicate payment to you with EOB/ERA.

Step 8 :  We will collect the payment information from you or clearinghouse and will post the payment into our system and bill the secondary insurances or patients as warranted

Step 9 :  We will invoice you monthly for a percentage of your received payments based on agreed rates