With the Stimulus Bill incentives engaging lot of attention, Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) are increasingly being adopted by healthcare professionals and medical facilities. It is now an established fact that scanning medical records into PDF files is a bare necessity for integrating conventionally-saved PHI (as physical files) into a chosen EMR.

In this process, scanning of the healthcare records, such as medical charts, medical records, HR files, legal files and other documents into PDF files means that the images are incorporated into EMR and can be accessed with just few clicks of the mouse.

The common problems that normally surface if indexing and filing of documents are not done:
  • Office employees spend too much of their time looking for paper documents
  • Many of them are being misfiled
  • The average cost to find a misfiled document is getting higher
  • Off-site storage cost and expensive office space are other major issues
  • Paper work processes are time consuming and limited to the location of the docume
Purchasing an EMR doesn’t itself ensure getting rid of these tedious activities, but it involves employing additional resources that again is a cost to the practice.

Here comes in ACS solution. We will scan the documents, access the PC or server that hosts your EMR, and will, then, index and file the scanned images into the cabinets and the drawers of your EMR as per specification given by you. We help you create a paperless environment, and we work exactly to the description of your requirements.

The staff would now be happy; they would need not to worry about lost or missing documents any longer. Everything is into the system, only few clicks can get them what they would look for. The saved time now could be utilized on some other productive patient-care activities.
  • Images are Indexed According to Your Specifications
  • Developing Hassle Free Environment for Physicians and Staff
  • Never Losing a Document Again
  • Leaving Your Office with All Your Files, But Not the File Cabinets – No More Money on File Cabinets
  • Getting Quickly Ready For Audits
  • Improved Response to Patient Records Request
  • Improved Staff Productivity with Less Administration
  • Immediate Access to Records
  • Ability to Quickly Search for Patterns in a Patients File
  • Automated HIPAA Records Access Tracking with Improved Security
  • No Lost or Misfiled Documents and Charts
  • Very competitive Rates