Healthcare Project Management Training with PMP Exam Preparation

October 14-18, 2018, Hotel Towers Rotana Dubai | UAE

Training Objectives

After completing this five-day workshop, you will…

  • Be Prepared to sit for the PMP exam by having
    • The required face-to-face contact hours to sit for the PMP exam.
    • All study materials and instruction required to prepare for the PMP exam.
  • Have a better understanding of Healthcare Project Management through
    • A better understanding of why healthcare projects are more complex than those in many other industries.
    • Experience using techniques that can remove many of the complexities found in healthcare projects.
    • A better understanding of the tools, techniques, and project artifacts defined by the Project Management Institute as part of the Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK).
    • New methods to more effectively facilitate meetings with nurses, physicians, administrators, and other  disciplines who all have their own objectives they want met.
    • Techniques that can be used to objectively choose and prioritize healthcare projects based on what is important to your organization.
    • A better understanding of the tools used by healthcare project managers to make better decisions.
    • Actual hands on experience using many of the tools and techniques described in the PMBOK.
    • Practice creating a project charter.
    • Practice creating a work breakdown structure (WBS).
    • Practice creating a risk matrix.
    • Practice performing a qualitative risk analysis.
    • Practice conducting lessons learned session, including ranking of lessons.
    • Hands on experience learning the pitfalls of managing projects as well as methods to avoid the pitfalls.
    • An understanding of the value of choosing the right project sponsor, especially in healthcare.
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Instructor of this course

Dr. Daniel (Dan) E. Furlong

Doctorate Healthcare Administration (DHA)
Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (MS)

He has taught graduate level courses in project management and healthcare information technology since 2009.

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Earn 35 contact hours by PMI
Prepare you for the PMP and PMI CAPM exam.
Note: In order to receive contact hours, you must attend the entire program

This class covers critical aspects of managing projects in a healthcare environment from four perspectives – learning, understanding, demonstration, and testing. This five-day workshop will provide you with 35 contact hours of instruction by a practicing project manager, the knowledge to help you prepare for the PMP exam, and activities designed to help you better grasp the tools and techniques you will be tested on. Best of all, it does all of this in the context of managing projects within a healthcare environment, which like any industry brings with it unique challenges for project managers.

Note that the PMP exam must be scheduled separately from this course and is managed by PMI ( Candidates must meet the PMI experience requirements to sit for the PMP exam as outlined on the PMI website. This five-day workshop will also prepare students for the PMI CAPM exam, if they lack the experience required for the PMP credential.

Understanding Why We Need the Tools
Thisfive-day class is interactive, engaging, and conversational and will focus on how managing projects in healthcare brings its own challenges, while ensuring that attendees have a good understanding of the material required
to sit for the PMP exam.

Project management is critical to our success in the healthcare industry as our industry started far behind many others when it comes to effective project management, and as such much of our work lies in getting our leaders to understand the power of a good project manager. Before we can do that, we must first understand it ourselves. Due to the multi-disciplinary nature of our industry, we must bring process and tools to our meetings and conversations if we are to be effective in managing projects.

Learning How to Use the Tools
This five-day workshop will not be just lecture, as attendees will learn how to use the tools and techniques that can be applied in the complex world of healthcare to help us remove bias from decisions, improve our ability to gather all relevant opinions, and ensure that all ideas have been heard. Be doing so we encourage active participation from all healthcare disciplines including those frequently left out of decisions,which results in improved project performance.

Demonstration of Tools and Techniques
While understanding why, and learning how, is critical to healthcare project success, it is the application of the tools and techniques that will separate the good project managers from the great ones. Therefore, all attendees will work together to demonstrate their abilities through hands on activities and exercises and practice using the tools so that when they return to work they can apply their new skills immediately.

Testing of Knowledge
The first three days will be focused on learning the PMBOK and preparing for the PMP exam, with real stories from the healthcare industry to help drive home critical points. At the end of each session all students will take brief quizzes to test for understanding, and each evening students will be asked to complete a 50 question exam on their own to ensure they are ready to sit for the actual exam. The last two days will be filled with group activities designed to ensure that attendees leave with actual experience using some of the most important tools and techniques required to run actual projects, and have a better understanding of these tools and techniques for when they sit for the PMP exam.

  • Experienced Project Managers who want to earn their PMP.
  • Healthcare Business Leaders relying on projects to achieve their objectives.
  • Healthcare Project Sponsors who need to communicate with project managers.
  • New Healthcare Project Managers who want to learn how to use essential PM tools and terminology.
  • Experienced Healthcare Project Managers who want to grow their knowledge of powerful PM tools.
  • Project Team Members who want to demonstrate their commitment to projects, such as
    • Clinical staff involved in projects
    • Business Analysts
    • Clinical Analysts
    • Informaticists
    • Business Relationship Managers (BRM)
    • IT Staff
    • Administrative Support Staff
    • Operations Staff
  • Health Ministries
  • Health Authorities
  • Medical Cities
  • Private Hospitals
  • Medical Centers
  • Printed copy of the PMP student guide (over 500 pages)
  • Printed copy of the PMBOK, 6th Edition
  • Six month subscription to PM Final, PMP sample exam software
  • Presentations & Lectures
  • Group Discussions
  • Testing of knowledge & case study
  • Certificate of achievement
  • Course material & handouts
  • USB device with all material
  • Study binder
  • International buffet Lunch with coffee/tea breaks

Earn 35 contact hours by PMI
Prepare you for the PMP and PMI CAPM exam.
Note: In order to receive contact hours, you must attend the entire program

Hotel Towers Rotana Dubai | UAE
Towers Rotana
Sheikh Zayed Road
P.O. Box 30430, Dubai, U.A.E.
T: +971 4 343 8000
F: +971 4 343 5111


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Course Fee $3,200/Participant

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Healthcare Project Management Training with PMP Exam Preparation - Course Schedule

Day 1 - Sunday 14 October, 2018
Registration & Introduction

Registration and Intro

Session One
  • Overview of the PMBOK& the PMP exam
  • Agile and the PMBOK
Morning Break & Networking    
Session Two
  • Understanding the project management framework
  • How organizational structures impact project managers
Lunch Break & Networking    
Session Three
  • Project Integration Management – the PM’s Specialty Area!
  • Testing your knowledge!
Evening Break & Networking    
Session Four
  • Project Scope Management – The Basis for a Solid Project
  • Testing your knowledge!
Day 2 - Monday 15 October, 2018
Session One
  • Project Schedule Management – Developing the Timeline
  • Testing your knowledge!
Morning Break & Networking
Session Two
  • Project Cost Management – Understanding budgets
  • Testing your knowledge
Lunch Break & Networking    
Session Three
  • Project Quality Management – Making it Correctly
  • Testing your knowledge!
Evening Break & Networking    
Session Four
  • Project Resources Management – People, Equipment, and Materials
  • Testing your knowledge!
Day 3 - Tuesday 16 October, 2018
Session One
  • Project Communications Management – Communication is Everything
  • Testing your knowledge!
Morning Break & Networking    
Session Two
  • Project Risk Management – What can go Wrong? What can go Right?
  • Testing your knowledge!
Lunch Break & Networking    
Session Three
  • Project Procurement Management –Contractors, Vendors, and Suppliers
  • Testing your knowledge!
Evening Break & Networking    
Session Four
  • Project Stakeholder Management – Engaging Stakeholders is Key
  • Testing your knowledge!

Home work:
Read brief case study for days four and five

Day 4 - Wednesday 17 October, 2018
Session One
  • Challenges to Effective Project Management in Healthcare
  • Choosing the Right Project (what’s important to you?)
  • Review case study (all work in day four and five will use the case study)
  • Project Planning – Value of the Charter
  • Project Planning – Stakeholder Engagement
Morning Break & Networking    
Session Two
  • Project Planning – Defining Objectives
  • Project Planning – Defining Scope
  • Project Planning – Work Breakdown Structures
Lunch Break & Networking    
Session Three
  • Project Planning – Critical Value of Roles & Responsibilities
  • Project Planning – Defining a Schedule
  • Project Planning – Communication Failures
Evening Break & Networking    
Session Four
  • Project Planning – Risk Management
  • Project Planning – Change Control
  • Project Execution & Control – Executing the Plan
Day 5 - Thursday 18 October, 2018
Session One
  • Project Execution & Control – Managing Issues
  • Project Execution & Control – Managing Change
  • Project Execution & Control – Managing Quality
Morning Break & Networking    
Session Two
  • Project Execution & Control – Status Reporting
  • Project Execution & Control – Closing Projects
Lunch Break & Networking    
Session Three
  • How Tools Reduce Project Challenges in Healthcare
  • Removing bias from decisions
  • Prioritizing project objectives
Evening Break & Networking    
Session Four & Workshop Concludes
  • Developing a WBS without bias
  • Identifying project risks without bias
  • Considering Agile

Summary of the course

  • Closing remarks
  • Certificate distribution
Course Program
Time Topic
Day 1
07:30 to 08:00Registration & Introduction
Day 1-5
08:00 to 10:00Session One
10:00 to 10:15Morning Break & Networking    
10:15 to 12:15Session Two
12:15 to 13:15Lunch Break & Networking    
13:15 to 14:45Session Three
14:45 to 15:00Evening Break & Networking    
15:00 to 16:30Session Four